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Cas Series

2.05 Anaconda – 10/10/87

S2 E5 (10 Oct 87) : Anaconda by Ray Brennan

Episode Summary

A dozy snake charming artiste, known as ‘Wanda, the human anaconda’, is performing with her snakes at a pensioners variety evening, when one of the snakes escapes. As she tells the audience, they all rush to leave the club, but 11 are injured and taken to casualty, including an old lady with a damaged leg. The staff learn, the snake artiste, real name Hilary, is an old friend of Mary’s, and they all gossip. In the Obs ward, Hilary shows a small snake to Mary that she has with her – Mary then takes it to the staff room to scare Charlie and Cyril.

Celia says goodbye to her sister, Lisa, who has come to see her for the first time in seven years. A freelance photographer, Leon, witnesses a brutal attack on an elderly Asian man, Gabriel, by four youths (Tony, Greg Steve and Mark). Gabriel, who dies, turns out to be the husband of Celia, she reveals to Duffy that they have had many attacks against them due to their mixed race relationship, which even their family can’t come to terms with. Duffy is upset and cries by her story, Ewart comforts her. The youths also attack a group of Asian teenagers. Ponting freezes at the sight of seeing them. One of the girls suffers an extra dural and is taken to theatre, and the boy has facial injuries. Meanwhile, Leon, sends his photographs to a tabloid newspaper, then onto the police. They are published the next day, and two of the youths are arrested. Leon invited Susie to do some modelling for him, she hesitantly goes to his flat, where he tries to kiss her.

Ewart invites Elizabeth out to a restaurant, but is delayed by a meeting with his lawyer about his divorce with Ros. Elizabeth is angry. The staff arrive at St George’s Church, for Sandra’s memorial service. Ponting reveals to Charlie that he can no longer be a paramedic, and says he is applying for another job.


* Geordie, Hilary ‘Wanda the female anaconda’, a snake charming artiste, is caught up in a battle to get out the building, when she reveals one of her snakes.

* Old woman – also in ‘snake’ incident – goes to Obs ward with a leg injury

* Gabriel Karichi – elderly Asian man, brutally attacked and murdered by four youths.

* Mr Warrel ends up on Obs ward

* Elderly lady in wheelchair, asleep while Cyril plasters her arm.

First Scene/words

(Woman singling ‘Viva Espagne’ at cabaret performance, crowd clap her)

Man : Thank you.. come on, give her a big hand please, and her finest group, come on Mo, come back out

Last Scene/words

Ewart is looking at old photos, phone rings – it’s Elizabeth – but he doesn’t answer.

Notable Facts

* Wanda’s (an ex prostitute) snakes – the one around her neck is called Marvin, and the small one she brought into casualty is called Victor.

* While getting information on Gabriel, Leon Walsey (an ex-Fleet Street journalist) lies that his name is Mr Decker from the Holby Post.

* Ewart invited Elizabeth to St Vincents restaurant at 1pm.

* Sandra’s memorial was at 2.30pm at St George’s church.

* Mary’s father was a docker, she came from Sunderland.

* Elizabeth as a grey car, and Ewart a white car, BOY 75IV.

* Ponting is applying for a job as a warden for a Sheltered Accommodation for old people.

* John Michie (Robbie in Taggart) appears as policeman Frank Jameson.

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