14.16 Here and Now – 31/1/12

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S14  E16 (31 Jan 12) : Here and Now by Matthew Bardsley

Episode Summary

Greg struggles to keep his distance from Sahira but is gutted when she reveals she is leaving Holby to move with her husband who has a new job. Working on an RTA victim together, Hanssen learns of her desire to leave and does all he can to change her mind. Sahira battles with her decision – will she really be able to give up her love of surgery? And how far will Hanssen go to hang on to his mentee?

When high achieving F1 student, Jez Atkins is admitted after an RTA accident, Frieda’s insecurity about her own ability to pass her F1 grows. Encouraged by Michael and Eddi, she faces a difficult challenge in diagnosing Jez’s illness. And when Frieda learns she has been summoned to Hanssen’s office for her results, she can only assume the worse for her future in medicine.

A happy Chrissie and Sacha return from their holiday in Australia. Dan is forced to work with them and pretends he is fine with their burgeoning romance. But it’s not long before his anger takes over and Dan has to face some painful truths.

“No can do, I’ve got a list longer than Hanssen’s trousers!’ Malick

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