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Cas Series

S21 E40

S21 E40 (2 Jun 07) : Communion by Neil Docking

Episode Summary

After the incident in Stitch’s office, Nathan is determined to have his drug-taking consultant fired. When Nathan learns that Stitch lied about his employment history, he warns Stitch that he’ll go to the board if Stitch won’t resign.

Nathan pressures a contract window cleaner, Caleb, to start work against health and safety rules. But when Caleb has an accident, Stitch rushes to his aid. He has serious leg damage but Stitch manages to treat him successfully.

As the staff plan a party for Tess’s 20 years in nursing, Nathan’s angered when he tells board member Barden that Stitch has resigned and Barden urges Stitch to stay – with a pay rise. Stitch agrees not to tell Health and Safety that it was Nathan who sent Caleb up to work as Nathan agrees to pay for Tess’s party.

Josh attends a shout in a church, but freezes when he finds 60-year-old Robert with a knife in his belly. In resus, Robert whispers to Josh that he wants to die and admits that he wasn’t involved in a fight – he stabbed himself. As Josh goes to inform the police, Robert pulls out his tubes, taking a turn for the worse and dies.

Charlie gets Dixie to admit that Josh froze during the shout but when he finds Josh at the hospital chapel – he denies it. Returning to the ambulance, Josh freaks out when he sees the knife, as memories of his own stabbing come flooding back.

Tess tells a patient, Sydney, who is a Personal Injury Claims Specialist to stop harrassing other patients.

Alice and Tess are both missing [ID 1347]Sam[/ID]. To cheer Tess up, Abs tells her he’s re-entered them into a tango dance competition.


* Caleb Kilbride – leg injuries.

* Sydney Cage – head injury from tripping on pavement.

* Robert Finch – stabbed, dies.

* Tyson Wetherby – minor cuts.

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