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Cas Series

S21 E22

S21 E22 (27 Jan 07) : Countdown by Peter Mills

Episode Summary

Nathan informs the shocked staff about Harry’s suspension. Selena supports him for making a tough call whilst Alice is having doubts. Later Sam finds Alice crying in the staffroom. She tells him that everyone hates her because she is the one who made the complaint about Harry.

Greg tells Cyd how much he wants the duty officer job – Josh’s job. But he has a bitter pill to swallow when Dixie walks in and announces that she has been offered it and enjoys bragging, despite Cyd’s lack of confidence in her.

Meanwhile, Nathan tells Kelsey that he won’t tell anyone she is moonlighting as a prostitute if she keeps quiet about his visit to the brothel. However Kelsey realises he has more to lose than her and blackmails him into paying her nearly £3000 to keep quiet.

A headteacher, Peter, collapses in his office after suffering a stroke. Selena faces a race against time to treat him for thrombolysis but is hindered by his colleague, Margaret, who claims to be his wife. Selena is hard on Margaret but feels guilty when the woman is later brought in dead on arrival after being hit by a lorry, presumably from committing suicide.

After a tough shift, Selena tells Nathan she has accepted his proposal.

Paralysed teenager, Alec, is using his old wheelchair after his motorised one is stolen by bullies, but lands up in hospital when he falls in the road. Abs feels his hard-faced father, Norman, is too tough on the boy.

Meanwhile another school mother, Donna, comes into ED following a fight at the school with hand and rib injuries. Donna warms to Alec and also gives Norman some much needed advice on showing his son some affection. Donna then discovers it was her son who stole Alec’s wheelchair.


* Peter Dibden – stroke.

* Alec Greaves – shoulder and ankle injury.

* Donna Kilbey – arm and rib injury.

* Mickey Kilbey – dog bite to arm.

Notable Facts

* Steve Nicolson plays Norman Greaves.

* ‘Spare me the details,’ Maggie tells Selena when she mentions her relationship with Nathan. ‘I bet he’s a John Major’.

* After handing over the money to Kelsey, Nathan tells her ‘You’re making a bad enemy!’

* Kelsey sings a quote from The Sound of Music.

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