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S21 E44 (30 Jun 07) : Lie to Me by Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

Cyd and Dixie visit a house where a couple, Tony and Carly, have been bitten by a snake and Cyd ends up getting bitten herself. Cyd asks Dixie to get a photo of the snake so the right anti-venom can be used.

Stitch suspects Guppy has taken some of his cocaine and confronts him, but Guppy insists he didn’t take any. But as Stitch battles to save Carly, Guppy struggles on and goes to Stitch’s office to takes some coke. When Guppy refuses to help treat Cyd, Stitch realises that Guppy has taken the coke and later confronts Guppy about operating on drugs. Guppy promises it won’t happen again. But is Stitch convinced?

Cyd starts to deteriorate and, fearing the worst, Dixie tells Cyd she loves her just as the right anti-venom is found to save her. Cyd is shocked by Dixie’s revelation and tells her she can’t handle it at the moment.

An escaped convict, Gerry, is running from police when he falls from a motorway bridge. Abs becomes involved with his case when Gerry asks Abs to help him contact his daughter and that he was wrongly accused of killing his wife. Abs believes him until he discovers the real extent of his crime when his daughter turns up.


* Carly Grahame – snake bite to neck.

* Tony McFadden – snake bite to leg.

* Cyd Pyke – snake bite to shoulder.

* Gerry Dale – leg injury

Notable Facts

* Stephen North plays Gerry Dale.

* Olivia Hallinan (Sugar Rush) plays Jade Dale.

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