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Cas Series

S21 E14

S21 E14 (16 Dec 06) : In Good Faith by Ming Ho

Episode Summary

Holby MP Steven attends the opening of the new leisure centre where he becomes involved in a tussle with an angry constituent, Dennis, and accidentally falls down the stairs. Steven is rushed to A&E, where he is treated by Harry, but his condition worsens and he dies. Meanwhile, Charlie, has to talk Dennis round from jumping off the hospital roof.

Josh continues to isolate himself from the rest of the staff by being short-tempered with everyone. Later, Louis visits Charlie at the hospital and runs into Josh. The two men argue because Josh refuses to apologise for hitting Louis. Harsh words are exchanged and Charlie tells Josh to leave.

Elsewhere, devious Nathan hires an undercover journalist as an agency nurse to help him bring about the downfall of Holby Hospital. However, his plans are foiled when Charlie becomes suspicious.

Kelsey is still in financial difficulty and receives a final demand statement from her bank. She turns to Abs for the £200 she needs, but he can’t help her out. Luckily, Maggie comes to her rescue.

Surfer Kyla Marshall is brought in with his girlfriend, Lucy, after being injured in the water. At first Lucy thinks his smoking dope could be the cause of his blackouts but Maggie diagnoses his condition; epilepsy.

Abs receives a postcard from Nina in Thailand. Meanwhile Greg gives Abs a peace offering (hash given to him by Lucy) however when Tess finds it on him, the pair join forces to get themselves out of trouble.


* Dennis Toombs – cuts to arm, threatens to jump of roof.

* Stephen Gregory – dies of heart attack.

* Kyla Marshall – epilepsy.

Notable Facts

* George Costigan plays MP Stephen Gregory.

* Jack Dedman plays Louis Fairhead.

* Keira Jane Malik (Art Malik’s daughter plays Lucy Paul.

* Abs receives a postcard from Nina in Thailand which reads ‘Hope this postcard finds you well. So I made it to Thailand. Currently sat on the beautiful white sands of Koti Samui. I had a few days in Bangkok which was fun but glad to get out of the City and be on the coast.’

* Nathan tells journalist Janice ‘I don’t care what you find as long as there’s plenty of dirt’.

* During Charlie and Josh’s argument, Charlie says ‘I’m sorry you lost your family but I won’t let you reck mine!’

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