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Cas Series

S21 E09

S21 E9 (11 Nov 06) : To Be a Parent by Nazrin Choudhury

Episode Summary

Selena decides to carry out a major accident exercise in a bid to prove that Holby is better than St James’s ED, thus preventing the department’s closure. But when she rubs people up the wrong way, her plan results in chaos.

Later Nathan announces that he has just received a call from the trust; Holby ED is to close.

Meanwhile, Sean finally admits to Comfort that he loves her and begs her to go to Australia with him. But Comfort is torn about whether or not to go with him.

Elsewhere, Alice pretends to have a boyfriend in a bid to make Guppy jealous. Porter Ben is at first not keen to pretend to be her boyfriend but when he is injured in a scuffle in reception, Alice comes to his aid.

Factory workers have been protesting against their loss of jobs. A father, George, and his two sons, Mark and David, are divided when one of them still continues to work despite their father being laid off. A fight ensues between the workers and protesters which leads to a scaffolding collapse, injuring many. Back at hospital Mark faces possible paralysis and Maggie tells George it’s possible he has Parkinsons.

Policewoman Sarah injures her daughter, Gina, who has been hiding in the attic for two weeks, when she inadvertently pepper sprays her. Staff are confused by her condition and they later realise rat poison at their home is the cause.


* George Hailey – Parkinsons

* Mark Hailey – abdomen injuries, possible paralysis.

* David Hailey – dislocated elbow.

* Gina Morris – asthmatic, nosebleeds.

Notable Facts

* Eamon Boland (Tony Walker in Series 5) plays George Hailey.* Alice gives Guppy a cactus for his ‘birthday’.

* ‘I’ll give her a majax!’ says Kelsey annoyed at Selena’s test run.

* ‘I think she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met’ Sean says of Comfort.

* Trying to get Comfort and Sean to see sense, Charlie says ‘These star crossed lovers need all the help they can get.’

* ‘Where’s your sense of adventure?’ Sean asks Comfort, persuading her to go with him. ‘It got killed off by men like you!’ she replies.

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