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Cas Series

S13 E03

S13 E3 (12 Sep 98) : Honey Bunny by Jeff Povey

Episode Summary

A man, Robert Freeman, is brought into resus. He has fallen forty feet from his flat, and narrowly missed some railings. As they treat him, Eve enters saying they are unable to find his next of kin. Robert is wearing a wedding ring so they think he probably has a wife. Tina criticizes Sunny and he retaliates; Charlie tells them to cut it out.

A man (Ray Harvey) comes into a shop with his dog to buy some whiskey. He asks his way to a certain street and is given directions. As he is leaving, a young woman (Carrie) enters. Outside, a young man (Garth) is sitting in a car, with a rabbit mask. Inside, Carrie puts on a cat mask. With her hand in a bad to look like a gun, she points at the shopkeeper and tells him to open the till. He says she has not got a gun. He then bends towards the till but grabs a baseball bat. Carrie runs and he chases her. She gets into the car. The shopkeeper smashes the windscreen. The car sets off and turns a corner, but hits Ray as he is crossing the road. The car swerves and a medal belonging to Ray flies throught the air. The car crashes into a parked van and comes to a halt. Carrie tries to wake Garth.

In ITU, Max and Eve are with Mark. Eve says she has come to report on his condition to George. Max says they have reduced the sedation but he is still not awake; he is worried about what Mark will be like when he is awake.

Carrie burns the masks. Garth is worried about his injuries; his head is bleeding. Carrie says the shopkeeper was the one she wanted to get. She looks at Garth’s head and says she thinks she can see bone. They walk away.Robert Freeman returns from X-ray; he has not broken many bones but they are now worried about internal bleeding. Max calls the surgeons and tells the others to take him up to theatre. Robert’s wife Carol has arrived. She comes into resus and when she hears that Robert is about to go to theatre she tells them that they are both Jehovah’s Witnesses so he cannot be given blood. They say they will have to operate without giving him blood.

Josh and Penny reach Ray. He says he has dropped something. As they take him into the ambulance, a young woman picks up the medal. When the ambulance arrives at A&E, Josh tells Ray they will have to leave the dog outside. The dog runs off and Josh has to chase it. As Ray is taken into resus, Chloe has a quick flirt with Sean.

Charlie and George try to persuade Carol to give permission for Robert to be given blood, but she refuses and goes back to hte relatives’ room. Charlie tells George to ask her again.

A girl in reception insults a waiting patient and when she turns away the girl steals her purse from her bag.Eve asks Charlie for a replacement for Mark. He tells her he will do it when he gets round to it; she says it’s urgent.

Sean and Sam reduce Ray’s ankle. Sean asks Sam what he knows about Chloe. Josh enters and tells Ray his dog is asleep. As they leave, Penny asks Josh what he has done and Josh says he has drugged the dog. When Penny reacts he tells her he was only joking.

Chloe and Tina have a laugh together, making fun of Eve and Charlie. Sunny asks what the joke is but Tina will not tell him.

Josh phones the children’s ward and asks how Joe Hancock is; he says he will visit him soon. Penny asks him if he has had enough of kids but he says he has not.Garth asks Carrie why it was that paticular shopkeeper she wanted to rob. She tells him it was because he shortchanged her. Garth asks how she could put someone she loved in danger for that and she tells him she does not love him.

George is with Carol Freeman, still trying to persuade her to let them give blood to Robert. Carol tells her they are separated and that it was not an accident but that Robert was attempting suicide. She says that he wants to die, that he has tried to commit suicide three times before. She says they should leave him to have what he wants. George asks her if they really are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Charlie is on the phone in his office, with Duffy’s number in front of him. Max comes in to get Charlie’s signature on something, and Charlie puts the phone down. Max asks him how Baz is in Birmingham. Charlie says that although they are apart, the time they spend together is more significant.

The girl in reception steals something else. Amy sees her and phones security, then the police. The woman who picked up Ray’s medal comes in.

Charlie is on the phone again in his office. George comes in and says she has phoned theatre to tell them they can give blood to Robert Freeman. She tells Charlie and Eve that the Freemans are not Jehovah’s Witnesses and that it is Robert’s fourth suicide attempt. Charlie tells Duffy on the phone that he will call her back later. He tells Eve that he is asking Duffy to replace Mark but that Duffy is not sure yet. Eve looks disapproving. Charlie says they need Duffy because she knows the way the department works, but Eve does not appear happy.

Sean tells Ray that his ankle is in the right position now. The woman with the medal is looking for him and comes into the cubicle. She says he dropped the medal and says her name is Dawn. He says he thought she was. We find out that he has written to her.

Carrie pushing Garth along in a trolley. They are arguing and she says that she will leave him with the doctor and go; he calls her a bitch.

Sam asks Tina if she has found a new flat yet but she has not. She says that he and Sunny have been great but since her rapist was locked up she wants her independence again.

Dawn asks Ray what he wanted. He says he fought in the Falklands with her brother Terry and she reveals that Terry died. Ray says the medal belongs to Terry but Dawn says Terry did not win any medals. Ray tells her that in the Falklands, he and Terry were stranded together. The Argentinians found them and Ray wanted to give in but Terry would not. When bullets started firing Ray ran away from them and Terry. At HQ he told them that he and Terry had engaged the enemy and was seen as a hero. Ray says the medal really belongs to Terry. He says he has kept it all bottled up all these years. Dawn is angry with him.In admin, Charlie says he has records of Robert Freeman’s psychiatric history; Eve says he has been stable recenly. George tells them that Mark is awake.

Dawn tells Ray she would rather not have known about Terry and asks him why he told her now. He says it is because of his son thinks he is a hero because of the medal. Dawn gives the medal back and walks out. Ray shouts after her that Terry was a fool; she returns and tells him to tell his son ehat really happened.

Sam has told Sunny that Tina is going to leave their flat. Sunny says he will try to change her mind but Sam tells him to leave it.

Carrie and Garth arrived at the hospital a short while ago and Garth is being treated. In reception, Carrie sees the police enter and runs. She drags Garth from his cubicle and they run off and lock themselves in a toilet cubicle.

The police talk to the pickpocket, asking her to come with them. She stands up but then attacks them, biting one, and runs out of the door. On her way out, she trips over the lead of Ray’s dog and the police grab her and arrest her. One of the policemen needs his bite seeing to.Robert Freeman is in ITU; he has come through the operation. His wife says she is crazy. Geroge tells her about Mark and that she wonders if he would be better dead than brain damaged. Carol says she used to be scared to leave him in case he committed suicide. she blames herself for what happened. George says that she is with him now, and it is a start.

The bulb goes in the toilets where Carrie and Garth are hiding. Sunny comes in and sees.

Chloe is examining the policeman (PC Garrett) and flirting with him. Sean sees her. He goes in to take over and snubs her when she tells him what she thinks the problem is.

Sunny asks Tina if she is moving out because of him. She says it is hard to explain. Chloe asks Tina if she wants to share a flat with her and they agree to find somewhere together.

Sean is with PC Garrett. He puts a ridiculously large dressing on his face and comes out grinning. Chloe goes in and replaces it wit a smaller one. Sean flirts with Tina and she tells him she is moving in with Chloe. He suggests a flat warming party and recommends takeaways. She walks off while he is talking about it.

George is with Robert. He asks for his wife and says it was an accident, that he had locked himself out of his flat. Carol hears and goes out again, shocked. George follows her. Carol says she tried to kill him and cannot face him. George says it is up to her.

Sunny changes the bulb in the toilet and sees Carrie and Garth. They come out, knocking him off the ladder. Carrie runs and when Sunny tries to stop her she grabs the knife and holds it to him. Holding him at knifepoint she goes into reception. He tells them about Garth. When she is distracted for a moment Sunny turns and manages to get her on the floor. Others help him to hold her. Tina asks Sunny if he is all right.

George is with Mark, talking to him and asking him to speak. As she gets up to go he grabs her hand and tries to say her name.

Tina asks Ray if the medal is his. Ray says no so Tina gives the medal to Sunny. They agree that they have no hard feelings.

Carol is with Robert. He says he missed her; she says she missed him. He says he loves her, but she remembers her life with him, how she was always scared of his depression. She says it is easier for her now, and she goes.

Eve apologises to Charlie about her behaviour when they were talking about Duffy. He says he has to rush to catch the last train to Birmingham and she offers him a lift to the station.

George is with Robert and tells him not to do it again. He asks what he should do but she says she cannot help. Back down in A&E, Carol comes back in. She asks about Mark and George says he is OK. She tells Carol that Robert is waiting for her and Carol sets off to see him.

Review by Alison.

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