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Cas Series

S13 E14

S13 E14 (28 Nov 98) : Trust by Chris Murray

Episode Summary

A woman (Rianna Jackson) comes into A&E with a scarf round her mouth. At the reception desk she pulls it down to reveal that her mouth is bleeding, and says that a dog bit her.

Outside, Sean gets out of a taxi. He passes a woman (Steph Yates) who’s being taken into an ambulance to go home. She’s glad to be going home but her husband Ollie thinks she’d be better off in hospital.

Lee asks Sean to see a patient; Sean asks if Max can do it instead. Lee asks Sam how he’s coping with his hangover.

Penny and Johnny (an ambulance technician) are at a prison, about to put Pete North, a diabetic prisoner who’s overdosed on insulin, into the ambulance. One of the guards, Leinster, wants to handcuff him with a long chain. Penny objects but he insists. In the ambulance Pete comes round and starts to get violent, then goes off.Tina is seeing to Rianna. She says she needs to get a doctor to look.

Steph arrives home. A nurse, June Richards, comes up to her. She obviously knows them well.

Sean asks Max to deal with a patient and when Tina comes to ask him to see Rianna he asks if she can do it herself. He goes to the cubicle. Max asks him if he’s OK; Sean says that being sued is affecting his work and he’s worried that he can’t do his job properly anymore. Rianna is listening from inside the cubicle.

June is settling Steph in. Steph is asking her about her love life, and she says she has none. She says she has to go but she’ll speak to Ollie first. Steph says, “There’s a thought: you and Ollie!”

Pete is brought into resusc. Max objects to the chain. Sam asks Penny where Josh is. Penny says he’s on holiday, probably at the races throwing his money around. Duffy hears this. Max asks the guards about Pete but they aren’t much help. He argues with the guard about the chain. Pete comes round and is violent, so Max agrees to the handcuffs.

June asks Ollie if he can cope, and makes sure he knows where her oxygen and pills are. She tells him Steph is very ill; all they can do is make her comfy. He says they would have made her better in hospital, but says they wouldn’t have let her go home if she wasn’t going to be OK. June says that’s not true.

Sean is about to inject anaesthetic into Rianna’s lip but she moves away. He aks what’s wrong and she admits that she heard what he said before. She asks if Tina can do it. Sean says she could, but Tina is unsure.

Pete is better, they says he can go back if he doesn’t get worse in the next couple of hours. Max asks him what happened but he won’t speak. Max asks Lee to look for injection marks, and Lee discovers that his abdomen is badly bruised. Pete says, “You’ve got to help me!” He won’t tell them what happened. Max says he has to go up to X-ray. The guards object to moving him.

Sunny is going with Amy to her ante-natal class. He isn’t too keen.

Sean tells Tina what to do as she stitches up Rianna’s lip. He makes a joke about her stitching as she’s almost finished, and Rianna asks him to finish it.

Pete’s father and brother (Bill and Gary) arrive at the prison to visit Pete. They are eventually told where he is. Bill doesn’t believe Pete would make a mistake with his insulin.

Steph can’t breathe properly and is unable to call Ollie who is watching TV in the next room. She can’t reach her oxygen. She knocks a plant off the table to attract Ollie’s attention. He comes, and is about to give her oxygen than changes his mind and phones for an ambulance, despite her objections.

In the ante-natal class, Sunny is flirting with Melissa, someone’s birthing partner. He tells everyone he’s a medical student.

Rianna goes. She thanks Tina and Sean and says sorry to Sean.

Amy asks a question and suggests Sunny answers it, “since he knows so much about it.” The midwife agrees.Max shows Duffy Pete’s X-rays. Pete has four fractures; Max thinks he’s being systematically beaten. They say the overdose must have been deliberate. Max says they’ll have to admit him.

Sean talks to Tina in the staffroom. He says he doesn’t like having to earn people’s trust; he’s meant to have it automatically as a doctor.

The ante-natal class ends. Sunny is watching Melissa – he fancies her. The midwife talks to him, and says she’s known Melissa for years – she even delivered her husband.

Sam, who is looking after reception, is looking for a pen. Lee talks to him and pulls the pen from behind his ear. Adam watches. When Lee has gone, Adam comes up and says they look very cosy. He says he’s off sick for two days, and he’s got all this gossip to catch up on. Sam asks if he’s OK, and Adam says he had food poisoning.Bill and Gary North arrive in A&E. They refuse to sit down and wait to see Pete. Max threatens to call security and says if they don’t sit down they won’t see him. Bill makes Gary sit down.

Duffy is looking for something in the drugs cupboard but can’t find it. She asks Adam if he can get a bed for Pete, preferably in a side room. Adam doesn’t think he’ll be able to. Tina makes a comment about Josh’s gambling; Duffy tells her to cut the gossip. Max tells Duffy that Pete’s relatives are here. She tells him there’s an emergency coming in. He tells her to tell Bill and Gary that they’ll try to sort something; he’ll sort out resus. Duffy goes and tells them they might be able to find somewhere for them to see him but she’ll have to ask the prison staff. Gary objects and forces his way through to find Pete.

Steph is brought into resusc. Max asks Sean to manage. Ollie says to Sean, “Don’t let her die.” Gary and Bill come in and go to the other side of the room, where Pete is. The guards try to stop them. Pete calls to his family, “They’re going to kill me!” Two hospital security guards come and take Gary and Bill out. Pete calls “Help me!” as they go.

Bill asks Max what’s going on. Adam comes and tells them he’s got a side room. Max tells Bill there’s somewhere for him to see his son but not if they behave like thugs. Bill asks Max if he’s got any kids, and if they ever get into trouble. He says his son’s being punished, but if anything else is happening to him in prison, he wants to help. Max says he can see Pete if the guards agree.

Steph is improving a bit but is still very ill. Sean says her notes should be in the hospital, and tells the others that he saw her going home as he was coming in this morning.

June Richards goes into a flat, and upstairs to Connie, a young woman, and her baby Ali are. Connie says that Ali’s not breathing. June examines her and says she has a serious chest infection; she is breathing but only just.Steph tells Sean she didn’t want to be helped. She says she’s spent her life in hospitals and she doesn’t want to die in one. She says she’s a pathologist and she knows she’s going to die. Sean reads her notes, which say “Do not resuscitate”, and Steph says it’s too late. She asks if she can go home.

Duffy asks the guards if Pete’s father and brother can see him. They object, even to just one of them, until Duffy says that Pete will talk to his father, then they’ll find out what’s going on.

Penny and Johnny arrive at the flat. Connie says she couldn’t bear it if anything happened to Ali as well. They ventilate Ali. They need to put fluids in but can’t do it intravenously. Penny says they’ll have to take her to the ambulance to treat her as it would take too long to get back to the hospital.

Sean tells Ollie how Steph is. Ollie talks about plans for a holiday. He says Steph got ill; she can get better. Sean says he came to tell him that Steph wants to go home. Ollie says “Let’s get her better first. I have every faith in you.”

Penny is about to do an intraosteous infusion. Connie says, “You’d better know what you’re doing.” Penny tells her Ali needs her help.

Bill goes into the side room to see Pete. Pete is reluctant to talk until Duffy says that the guards can’t help him if they don’t know what’s happening. Pete says that the junkies in the prison are after him because as a diabetic he’s got the needles they want.

Connie tells Penny that Ali had a twin brother who was stillborn. Penny says they need to get fluid into the bone marrow. She does it and the bone crunches. Connie cries, “No!” but Penny says that’s meant to happen.Pete says he overdosed on insulin to get out of the prison. Bill asks if they can protect him. Duffy suggests that someone else injects the insulin for him, but Pete says he won’t let anyone do that three times a day.Connie thinks Penny is going to kill Ali. Penny has finished and tells her that it will be OK.

Ollie tells Sean that Steph will be cross with him for bringing her to hospital; Sean says she wouldn’t if he took her home. Pete says she’d die at home; she’s better off here. Sean says they can keep her comfy but they can’t make her better; they can’t give her what she needs; Ollie can. Ollie says he can’t let her die. He says Sean is used to death; Sean says he isn’t but he has to accept it.Bill and Gary say they’re going to speak to the governor of the prison; Max says he’ll have a word with the MO who will also speak to him.

Ollie says Steph makes his life better than he ever had any right for it to be; he doesn’t want to lose that. Sean says he can let her die at home where she wants to be; he says Ollie will regret it if he doesn’t. Ollie goes to see Steph. She tells him not to worry; he’s made her happy. He says “Not yet,” and says he’ll take her home.

Duffy goes to see Pete and says there’s nothing more they can do for him; he’ll have to go back to prison now. Pete asks if he can go to the loo, and Duffy tells the guards they should uncuff him to do that.

They let Steph and Ollie know that an ambulance is on its way, but Steph is getting worse.

Pete shakes off the guards as soon as he is uncuffed; he tries to get away but they’re blocking the door so he heads for the window. It’s on the third floor. Leinster tells his partner to fetch Duffy.

Ali is brought into resus. Amy tells Duffy she’s needed with Pete. Ali is having rectal convulsions. Connie accuses Penny.

Pete is at the window. Duffy arrives and tries to talk him down. He wants to fall so he’ll break some bones and can stay in hospital but not die. He asks her what the best way to fall is, but she won’t tell him.

Steph is dying. Sean asks Ollie what they should do. Ollie is saying “Don’t go” to Steph, but then tells Sean to let her go. He tells Steph, “I love you.”

Connie is still blaming Penny. Max tells her that Ali is very ill but she wouldn’t even be alive if it wasn’t for Penny. Ali is taken up to ITU.

Duffy is trying to talk Pete down. She says he’s asked for help but he has to have faith in them or there would be no point in any of this. She says they can’t make him give up, only he can do that. Pete gets down and the guards grab him straight away.

Steph has died. Ollie is with her. He kisses her then goes.

June asks Max if Ali will be OK, Max says he thinks so. Max goes to see Pete. June sees Ollie and asks what’s wrong with Steph; he says nothing but she realises and hugs him.

Pete asks Duffy what if she’s wrong and there’s nothing they can do? Duffy tells him how to fall. Max arrives and Duffy goes out. She tells him what happened. When he finds out that she talked him down, he says he can see why Charlie wanted her back. Duffy asks where Charlie is. Max says he’s at a meeting of directors and asks if she misses him. She replies, “No, not at all.” Max is about to put his arm around her but changes his mind.


Rianna Jackson – Bitten by a dog on her face. Needed stitching but at first refused Sean treating her thinking he was incapable Eventually she let him.

Steph Yates – She’s just been let out of hospital but develops severe breathing diffculties and despite not wanting him to her husband calls an ambulance. She’s then taken back in to A&E but dies in the cubicles when her husband finally agrees to let her go.

Pete North – Diabetic in prison who gave himself an insulin OD purposely and consequently suffers a hypo. Once he’s recieved treatment he then tries to jump out of a window in Holby but Duffy talks him round.

Aly – 3 month old baby with severe dehydration and chest infection – pneumonia onset. Penny performs live saving treatment in the ambulance.

First Scene/words

[In reception. Duffy is ‘pushing’ a old man out of A&E as a woman walks in covering her mouth.]

Duffy: There’s the doors, on you go, On you go.

[He goes. Tina, Sunny and a patient in a wheelchair come on scene.]

Duffy: What happened there then?

Tina: Blow dryed with a paint stripping air gun!

[Sunny wheels the patient off.]

Last Scene/words

[Duffy and Max are walking down the corridor of a ward.]

Max: What happened?

Duffy: He got out on the ledge and was threatening to jump.

Max: What and you talked him down?

Duffy: [Nods] Yeah.

Max: Well I can see why Charlie wanted to get you back.

Duffy: Cheers. Where is he anyway?

Max: Oh he’s meeting the directors. Dya miss him?

Duffy: [Quietly] No, not at all.

[Max goes to put an arm round her but doesn’t quite.]

Review by Alison & Stacey.

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