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Cas Character

Rosa Cadenas

Played by Jacey Salles


S33 E44 –

Job Title


First Words

(David is arguing about his car repair on the phone outside the ED, Rosa sees him) Rosa Cadenas, new porter! First day.


Rosa had a son, Gabriel, that died when he was 8. Mother, Xiomara. Husband, nurse David Hide


Rosa is a capable and very outspoken character. She’s a passionate, spirited lady, who’s full of energy and makes quite the impression on her first day. When she first meets David, she finds his bumbling attitude entertaining and as he tries to put Rosa in her place, he soon realises from the off that’s going to be rather difficult.

Rosa holds a sad past, she was previously married and had a son, Gabriel, who tragically died when he was 8 after developing a fever. Devastated by her son’s death, she fell into a deep depression that consumed her until she decided to move to Holby for a new life. Her mother, Xiomara, was desperate for her to feel happiness again.

David’s son, Oliver, bonds with Rosa after he falls into a river. He can see there is something between his father, David and Rosa and tries to set things up. When Rosa is injured after being hit by an electric scooter – David suggests that she come and stay with them. Rosa reveals to David, that she has lied to Xiomara, about dating a ‘David’ and he agrees to keep up the pretense when Xiomara comes and visits. Xiomara, however comes with lies of her own, when she tells David that she is seriously ill and persuades him to propose to Rosa. The truth eventually comes out, but the pair still decide to wed. David is concerned that Rosa doesn’t know the true extent of his bi-polar, but Rosa continues to support him.

Memorable Moments

  • S33 E44 – Rosa makes her debut and helps fix David’s car
  • S34 E3 – Rosa is concerned after David rescues his son from falling in a river
  • S34 E6 – Rosa is injured after being hit by an electric scooter. David invites her to come and stay with her and Oliver
  • S34 E7 – Rosa tells David to fight for Oliver, as his ex-wife wants him back
  • S34 E10 – Rosa reveals to David about her past and her son that died. David agrees to pretend to be her boyfriend to her mother
  • S34 E13 – Rosa’s mother confides in David that she is ill and encourages David to propose to her
  • S34 E14 – Rosa finds out her mother has lied to David about being ill
  • S34 E16 – Rosa and David get married despite her mother’s interference
  • S34 E40 – Rosa returns from visiting her mother, Marty helps David plan a return surprise for her but all they want to do is stay in
  • S34 E41 – David struggles with his bipolar, and confides in Robyn that he has not yet told Rosa about the extent of his condition

Love Interests

  • David Hide

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