Neet Mohan

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Plays Rashid Masum

DATE OF BIRTH : 11th November 1985

TELEVISION CREDITS : Psychoville; Strike Back; Fresh Meat; Line of Duty; The Academy; No Offence; Ransom; Casualty

FILM CREDITS : Everywhere and Nowhere; Aazaan; All in Good Time; Two-Tone; Magnificent Eleven; The Trishna; Desert Dancer; Lies We Tell; Darkness Visible; Ready Player One

THEATRE CREDITS : Mercury Fur; Twelfth Night; Romeo & Juliet; English People Very Nice; The Fastest Clock in the Universe; Disconnect; Handbagged

AGENT : Conway Van Gelder, Third Floor, 8/12 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 8HW

Twitter : @neetmohan

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