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HC Past Series

S5 E39

s5e39S5 E39 (1 Jul 03) : Loss of Faith by Martin Jameson

Episode Summary

The episode opens with Elizabeth Woods, one of Zubin Khan’s patients from the Haddlington being brought onto the ward after allegedly being mugged the previous night. Elizabeth seems to have had quite a rough time of things, she not only needs a chest drain but she has several broken ribs too. Something her husband appears to be alarmed to hear of as he watched Chrissie and Ed attend to his wife.

Meanwhile on Keller, Kath is showing new nurse Kelly Yorke around the ward, although she has already forgotten to bring her ID card she wastes no time in seeing her first patient, Reverend Mitchell Hubert. Mitchell has an aggressive form of cancer and is in a great deal of pain as the drugs he is on are no longer working for him as well as they used too. On top of all that his wife wants Kelly to telephone their estranged son Daniel and try to get him to the hospital, despite Mitchell telling her not to bother him.

Down on Maternity, things aren’t going much better. Tricia’s turned up to see Owen, not only to talk about Chrissie but bearing gifts for the ward too – baby Amanda’s clothes and toys. Tricia feels that Chrissie needs to move on with her life, and in order to do so needs to get over the loss of Amanda and seeing her possessions around the house are just acting as a constant reminder of what she’s lost. Tricia also thinks it’d be a good ides if Owen and Chrissie were to talk about things, clear the air between them if you like, however she does neglect to mention that Chrissie knows nothing about her daughters things been given away. Before Owen even gets the chance to answer Rosie calls him away to deal with an urgent case, new admission Reta Kirk-Patrick is in a great deal of pain and she has a heavy PV bleed too, to add to her ordeal, Reta argued with her husband Sol the night before and now nobody knows where he is, she only has next door neighbour Clive for help and support.

Back up on Darwin, Zubin has sighted Elizabeth Woods being wheeled through the ward on a trolley, shocked that he never even knew she was in hospital, Zubin stopped Elizabeth’s trolley and enquired into her injuries. Zubin wasn’t convinced by Elizabeth’s tale of a mugging, she want at all convincing. Zubin questioned her husband, Anthony’s involvement but Elizabeth rejected the idea and turned the conversation back around onto Zubin, confessing her love to him, but he simply told her that if this was at all true she would never have lied to him about leaving her husband. But although there was a little tense atmosphere between them Zubin still agreed to help Elizabeth leave her husband if that is what she really wants. The conversation didn’t get a chance to go any further, Anthony turned up wanting to know why Zubin was here, he didn’t realise that Zubin not only worked at the Haddlington but here at Holby as well. Zubin took a step back from the trolley as Elizabeth began to look a little uncomfortable and he gave the porters room to move her back to her bay. Worryingly, as Chrissie helped Elizabeth from the trolley onto her bed she noticed visible traces of blood on the sheets. Had Elizabeth been sexually assaulted? This was something Chrissie took upon herself to find out. As Chrissie questioned a tearful Elizabeth about her findings Anthony returned to her bedside looking rather edgy, as Elizabeth broke down and revealed that the ‘mugger’ had done some ‘stuff to her’, Anthony at first looked deeply concerned for his wife, but as soon as Chrissie left them alone his attitude towards her soon changed. He quizzed her on exactly what she’d told Chrissie before he arrived. Elizabeth retaliated by telling him that Chrissie’s a nurse, she could tell something was wrong. She carried onto reveal what really happened to her. Anthony had raped her, something he didn’t appear to take too seriously. His outlook on it was that she is his wife so he had the right to do what he did.

Back down on Maternity, Reta was in agony still, it turned out she had a placental abruption which meant the placenta had come away from the uterus wall and she was in desperate need of a C-section. Reta however had other plans, she wanted to wait until her husband turned up, but as she coughed up blood, to wait any longer would put her and her baby’s life in danger. With Owen knowing this he wasted no time in getting her straight into theatre. When Zubin arrived and Reta had been checked over it became clear a surgeon from Darwin was needed to insert a chest drain. And unlucky for ever one concerned, the surgeon who came was Ed Keating.

Inevitably the atmosphere in theatre was a little frosty to say the least. Despite Rosie constantly reminding them both that the woman in theatre is not Chrissie and the baby is not Amanda. Owen’s adamant however that it has nothing to do with that but as things carried on to go from bad to worse it was obvious to everyone present that Owen and Ed were letting there private lives spill over into their work. After Owens reprimands over Ed’s work finally Owen could deliver the baby, thankfully in time too, as a minute longer in the womb could have been fatal. And even though the baby had a slow heart rate, SCBU were reassuring that the baby would be okay.

Meanwhile back up on Keller, Daniel, the Reverend Hubert’s son has turned up. But from the off it obvious for all to see that they just don’t get on. And as events unfold it is revealed that Daniel had to leave the family home at just sixteen because he was gay and his father couldn’t deal with it.

Meanwhile Tricia was up seeing Chrissie too. Tricia had come up to inform Chrissie that she’d been too see Owen and that Owen would like to talk to her as well. The conversation more or less stops there as Chrissie is annoyed her mum went to go see Owen behind her back and things are beginning to kick off around Elizabeth’s bedside. Zubin has stormed into the ward accusing Anthony of rape. But because of Anthony’s deep hold over his wife the allegations soon get turned around back on to Zubin. Elizabeth soon finds herself blaming Zubin for her injuries and accuses him of raping her. Things don’t stop there, things carry on to get even more heated. Zubin can’t believe Elizabeth would lie like that; Tom wants Zubin off the ward and into his office and Anthony’s furious.

Tom decides that Elizabeth should go down to gynea to be checked over and assessed. Chrissie obliges to take her and escorts her down to Owen where he was waiting for them to arrive. Chrissie and Owens relationship is under strain, understandably too after losing a baby, and things aren’t helped along when Owen can’t help but have a go at Chrissie for wanting to throw Amanda’s things away. Losing a baby is a terrible ordeal for any parent to go through, that’s why they should be allowed to deal with it in any way they want. No wonder Chrissie get all het up. Hurt that Owen could think such a thing Chrissie realises things between them need sorting out, so the pair agree to go for a drink that night.

Owen and Chrissie move on with the job in hand, Elizabeth. During her examination, Chrissie notices blood filling up in Elizabeth’s drain and as her level of consciousness is deteriorating Owen has to postpone all examinations and get her straight into theatre for Tom to take a look at what’s going on. Before Tom made it to theatre though he had a long chat with Zubin regarding the allegations made against him. Tom says if the GMC hear about today’s goings on, he will almost definitely be suspend until the matter at hand is dealt with.

As Tom gets into theatre he has to battle to keep Elizabeth alive, in the end he has to resort to using paddles to keep her body going. Luckily for everyone this worked and was enough to save her life. Unfortunately in the next theatre things weren’t going as well for Diane, Zubin had arrived in theatre to discover her operating on Mitchell Hubert who he had early forbidden her to operate on, as he was too ill to sustain the impact of being operated on. But Diane didn’t have much choice in the matter; Mitchell had deteriorated rapidly and had perforated his colon. It turns out though that Zubin’s original decision not to operate was the right one. Mitchell’s operation was rended useless as surgery couldn’t help him anymore, instead Diane and Zubin chose to close Mitchell up and return him to his family where he could spend his last hours with his family. This was something that Mitchell and Daniel finally used to their advantage as after nine years they made up, deciding to put the past behind them. But as Mitchell slipped away his wife couldn’t handle it. Instead blaming everyone around her and constantly talking about the church as if she knew what her husband would have wanted, this annoyed Kelly greatly as she knew differently after over-hearing a conversation between Mitchell and Daniel. Kelly just couldn’t resist giving her opinion. In the end telling the Reverends wife to file a complaint if she wants too, because she’s only doing her job.

Before Chrissie and Owen made it to the bar for drinks they both had other problems to deal with. Chrissie had to contend with Tricia forcing her to get on with her life and put the past behind her whilst Owen had to face Ed. Ed had come down to see Owen to ask how Reta Kirk-Patrick and her baby were getting on, but what started off as a friendly conversation soon turned into a one way fist fight. Owen couldn’t handle being nice to Ed; he couldn’t get over what had happened in the past so he lashed out. It took Ed to tell him that he doesn’t love Chrissie in the way that he does for him to finally stop. Ed didn’t even get to find out that Sol finally turned up and Reta and her daughter were going to be fine.

At the bar things didn’t go much better either. Although Chrissie admitted to still loving Owen, more so in fact than anyone lese she followed it by dropping the biggest bombshell of all – she wanted a divorce.

It doesn’t appear to be the week for couples in Holby. Chrissie and Owen are getting a divorce. Elizabeth has been raped by her husband and now Sandy thinks Kelly has taken her boyfriend Nic, despite earlier warnings to keep her hands off. Unbeknown to Sandy however that Kelly is in fact Nic’s sister and the reason why they both blew her out for drinks that night was because they were seeing each other. Poor Sandy then spent the rest of the shift believing she had been dumped until Kelly and Nic finally came clean about their relationship and invited her out for drinks with them. Needless to say, Sandy was left feeling rather embarrassed about her mistake.

Back at the hospital nothing seemed to be improving. The episode ended with the police questioning both Zubin and Elizabeth. Zubin never mentioned his and Elizabeth’s night of passion because he thought Elizabeth wouldn’t tell them either, but how wrong could he be. She persisted with her story of rape. Where does this leave Zubin now?


Screencaps : S5 E39

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