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HC Past Series

S5 E17

S5 E17 (28 Jan 03) : ‘Til Death Us Do Part by Stuart Morris

Episode Summary

The episode opens on Mubbs sleeping in the on-call room, his pager beeping. Ben wakes him to tell him one of Owen’s patients has been admitted with abdominal pains. When Ben reminds him Owen isn’t there because it’s the wedding today he questions whether or not Chrissie will show.

Meanwhile Chrissie and Owen are in the kitchen, Chrissie is telling a worried Owen about the scare the previous night, she reassured him that both her and the baby are fine. Ed walks in on them carrying a blow up toy when Chrissie asks him about he refuses to say telling her ‘what happens on the stag night, stays on the stag night’. Owen leaven to take a shower leaving Chrissie and Ed alone, Chrissie questions Ed as to who else he’s been bragging to and informs him Mubbs knows. Chrissie questions Mubbs reliability but Ed promises her he’ll make sure he doesn’t say anything.

Back at the hospital Sandy tells Danny about her split with Sean, Danny reckons she’s done the right thing but Sandy’s worried about having no one to go to the wedding with. Danny offers to go with her and get drunk on Chrissie and Owen. Kath isn’t going even though Danny and Sandy notice her brighter mood.

On Maternity Mubbs is examining a young woman Tania who is suffering from abdominal pains. Her husband explain that they fell out With Owen when he suggested the husband was the reason they weren’t conceiving. Mubbs questions whether or not she might be pregnant but they highly doubt it, he suggests a pregnancy test anyway.

On AAU Jess in explaining an RTA patients injuries to Ric, Diane shows him to the patients bad area but she’s not there. They find her with her son who was also injured in the accident. Jess and Diane talk about the wedding and tease Ric about his allergy to weddings.

Lisa arrives at Chrissie and Owen’s house where Owen and Ed are getting ready to leave. Ed didn’t realise today was also Owen’s birthday. Lisa remarks that Chrissie will soon be Mrs Davies; Chrissie looks uncertain at the prospect. Own asks Chrissie to pick Katie up and take her to the wedding as Ed’s forgotten the rings and they need to go back to the hospital. Chrissie’s finishing packing for her honeymoon – 2 weeks in California.

Back on the ward Mubbs has good news for Tania she is in fact pregnant the news comes as a shock to her but her husband Joel is overjoyed. Mubbs arranges a scan to see what’s causing the pain.

On AAU Diane and Ric are taking Marcia the women involved in the RTA for tests, she apologises to her son for ruining his birthday and promises to make it up to him. Her husband arrives as she’s leaving. Jan arrives looking for Ric with two police officers. The father is sitting with his son Duncan who has concussion and a broken nose from the accident when he suffers a seizure which Diane and Ric suspect could be caused by a brain haemorrhage.

In the canteen Ed brings Owen a greasy breakfast, Owen wants the day to run smoothly and is worrying that something will go wrong. He tells Ed that he can’t believe it’s actually happening, when he asked Chrissie to marry him he never thought she’d say yes let alone be having a baby with him.

Diane is taking Duncan for a CT scan while Ric speaks with the police, he asks them to get to the point; they are making enquiries about Terry’s death. Ric praises Kath’s character even though the death was slightly premature in his opinion.

On Maternity Mubbs rules out an ectopic pregnancy, the pain is caused by a large cyst on her ovary that needs removing. Ben arrives to tell the husband that his brother Wes has arrived.

Chrissie, Lisa and Katie arrive at the wedding venue, Lisa is surprised at how posh it looks, Chrissie claims it’s no time to be tight. Katie is in a bad mood about the upcoming wedding of her dad, she winds Chrissie up telling that Laura said they can’t get married in a church because god thinks what they’re doing is a sin.

Ed corners Mubbs at the hospital warning him that if he breaks patient confidentiality he will have him fired. Mubbs isn‘t going to say anything. Owen arrives to make sure Ed doesn’t make them late in a reversal of roles.

Diane is moving Duncan to ITU he has a swelling on the brain caused by the bruising. She can’t give his father anymore news than that.

Sean arrives looking for Sandy she agrees to speak to him despite Danny’s protests. The police arrive to talk to Danny. Shaun apologises but Sandy is having none of it. He says he’ll wait for her in the car park for the wedding and if she doesn’t show up he won’t bother her again. The police question Danny about Kath and Terry and he suspects that Lisa pointed the finger of suspicion, he informs then she’s just bitter because Kath was with terry when he died and not her.

Marcia has been moved to Keller but she’s worried about her son, she tells her husband she was driving but it doesn’t fit the facts so she admits Duncan was, she was giving him a driving lesson even though they agreed to wait till they could pay for them professionally. Danny informs Kath the police are here and they ask her for an account of events the night Terry died. She denies helping him saying the only painkillers he was the diamorphine that was administered through the pump. The police question the fact he died earlier than expected.

Mubbs patient Tania is in increased pain she thinks her actions are to blame, she needs surgery now.

Chrissie and Lisa are getting ready with a still stroppy Katie, she refuses to let Lisa do her hair. Chrissie promises Lisa that he time will come one day.

Jan and Ric discuss the fact that police have asked for noted on all diamorphine related deaths on the ward. The police leave and Danny tells Sandy he can’t go he wants to stay and support Kath. Sandy agrees to go with Shaun instead but sets ground rules.

Marcia wants to see Duncan but Kath tells her it’s probably unlikely she can go in her condition. However later Kath takes her, her husband can’t forgive her, he blames her for Duncan being in ITU.

Ed and Owen arrive at the venue, the cake has been damaged in the car. While Chrissie gets ready Katie winds her up, she doesn’t want Chrissie to be her mum and runs off. Chrissie spears to be having second thoughts about the marriage and pregnancy, Lisa tried to calm her nerves before leaving to find Katie. Owen and Ed are trying to fix the cake, Ed asks how Chrissie is and Lisa explains that she’s having a few nerves.

In theatre Mubbs managed to remove the cyst from Tania’s ovary he speculates that her husband’s brother is the father but Ben isn’t in the mood for his tactless comments.

Marcia deteriorates but refuses surgery, she doesn’t want the operation as she blames herself for Duncan’s condition. Her husband signs the consent and the take her to theatre even though Diane protests that she didn’t want it.

Lisa helps Chrissie put the finishing touches to her wedding dress, the guests arrive and the wedding is ready to start, Owen is nervous worrying about the rings, Ed teases him that he lost them. Chrissie is late coming down, she’s still in her suite ignoring the phone. Owen’s worried that he pushed her into it, Ed goes to speak to her, she doesn’t know how you can get married when you still have feelings for someone else.

Marcia survives the surgery and her husband tells her that he forgives her and they can get through it as a family but not if he’d lost her. Later he hears Duncan is improving.

Ed tells Chrissie he can’t do this she’s marrying Owen, she reminds him that the baby could be his, he leaves Chrissie and goes back to his best man duties and Owen. Chrissie arrives for the service just as Owen is about to give up. The wedding goes ahead without any more problems.

The police question Kath again about giving Terry extra medication. They later arrive at the reception to talk to Lisa, they have a witness who saw Kath filling a syringe and they found a syringe when digging around. They say the only way they can link it to Terry is by exhuming Terry’s body Lisa tells them to do whatever they can.Ed Tells Chrissie she did the right thing. Owen makes a speech thanking both Chrissie and Ed then makes a toast to the two. The irony isn’t last on either of them.

The police tell Kath they’re going to exhume Terry’s body, Danny storms off to find Lisa. Jan warns Kath they while they support her the hospital can’t protect her from a police enquiry they have to appear transparent. Ric tells Kath he’s sure they’ll realise it’s a mistake.

As Chrissie and Owen leave for there honey moon Chrissie throws the bouquet … Sandy catches it.

Danny confronts Lisa bout what she’s doing, she wants answers Danny warns her it won’t bring her dad back.


Marcia: RTA victim with a damaged spleen who later requires emergency surgery.

Duncan: Patient with concussion from the accident but is later admitted to ITU when he has a seizure.

Tania: Patient in maternity who discovers she is pregnant and needs an operation to remove a cyst.

Notable Facts

Songs played; Atomic Kitten – The Tide Is High; Beautiful South – Don’t Marry Her; Eva Cassidy – Songbird

(Saintly Sinner)

First Scene/words

[Mubbs is sleeping in the on call room and his pager goes off at the same time as Ben comes to wake him up]

Ben: Mubbs.

Mubbs: Don’t switch on the light…

[Ben switches on the light]

Ben: Some woman’s got abnominal pain.

Mubbs: I thought I said don’t wake me unless you’ve got a baby coming out, alright.

Last Scene/words

Danny: You happy now?

Lisa: What you going on about?

Danny: You go to the police.

Lisa: I’ve got a right to know!

Danny: What, so you go running to the police and now they think my mother’s some kinda of serial killer.

Lisa: Well, she should have told me what happened.

Danny: She did!

Lisa: Oh, you know she didn’t! Something happened! He wanted to die and she did it for him.

Danny: And you think digging him up is gonna to bring him back, do you? Oh, you haven’t heard? They’re exhuming your dad’s body. Is that what you wanted? You’ve got it now.

[Danny walks away.]

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