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Cas Series

S26 E28

S26 E28 (24 Mar 12) : Lest Ye Be Judged by Chris Ould

Episode Summary

It’s judgement day for Sam when the GMC begins its investigation into her actions.

Following the allegation of assault against Sam by a patient’s relative, Keith Parr, a GMC official, is in the ED to conduct interviews with Sam’s colleagues. Zoe and Scarlett are called in to answer questions but Dylan goes out of his way to try to avoid the grilling.

In an attempt to distract herself Sam tends to a cantankerous old soldier, who softens when he discovers that Sam is an army medic. Can Sam get to the bottom of his mysterious pains and impress the watchful GMC official at the same time? Meanwhile Linda is moonlighting in a private clinic to earn extra money but, exhausted by the late nights, is starting to make potentially dangerous mistakes. Will the other staff find out what’s causing her tiredness?

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