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HC Past Series

14.13 Hide Your Love Away – 10/1/12

S14 E13 (10 Jan 12) : Hide Your Love Away by Rebecca Wojciechowski

Episode Summary

Greg is taken aback to discover that he is in charge of the ward today. Feeling hung-over, he tries to keep afloat but agrees to let Sahirago and pick up her son, leaving him short staffed. When Elliot informs him that there has been an RTA involving a woman and a young child, Greg starts to panic thinking that it’s Sahira.

Chantelle is put under the spotlight after Malick tells her she has to be on form today, as the hospital is in the running for Financial Trust status. Wanting to run a happy ship, Chantelle tries in vain to get rid of a persistent patient who has been discharged, but feels guilty when she realises that privately the young woman been diagnosed with cancer.

Frieda is gutted having to work with a brusque Luc for the first time, given she knows about Eddie’s departure. Things are tense between the two, as they disagree on the treatment of a patient. Frieda ends up lying to avoid the wrath of Luc, but is surprised at his response.

“I don’t expect you not to care Chantelle, I just don’t want you to beat yourself up when things go wrong. The buck stops with me” Malick.

Notable Facts

* Kate Walsh ‘Your Song’ plays at the end of the episode.

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