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Cas Series

S16 E17

S16 E17 (29 Dec 01) : Playing with Fire by Patrick Melanaphy

Episode Summary

Patrick is missing – Lara and the police search for him in the woods – and eventually find him unconscious by the lake. Lara resuscitates him, but stays in the cottage with her boyfriend Craig, while Nikki and Comfort take Patrick in. The staff are shocked to discover their next patient – Max passing by A&E, rushes into A&E wanting to help but an annoyed Philippa demands him to leave. Jan gives Max a warning to stay away.

Anna has also returned to work – Charlie tells off Philippa for shouting at her, while they are under pressure. Lara decides to go to the hospital to see Patrick, and is roped into working as they are short staffed.

Two teenagers Joe and Kieran steal a man, Thomas’s bag from his car. Thomas chases after them but is hit by a passing car. Thomas is taken in, meanwhile Joe opens the bag and is bitten by a snake. He becomes increasingly ill and comes into A&E. As he’s gets worse, Kieran decides to tell Charlie that they stole the bag and find the identity of the snake owner from his wallet – realising he is also in A&E.

Darren and his young girlfriend, Katie, go to the pub to meet his friends. She becomes ill and he takes her home to her overprotective father, Alan, who blames Darren for getting her drunk, and hits him at A&E. Darren reveals to Security Guard Tony, he made sure she only had one drink, and the team discover she has diabetes. Alan tells Darren he can come and see her daughter.

At Jason’s warehouse, a worker is injured when some boxes fall on him and glass goes through his leg. Jason calls Chloe in, who is not pleased in being forced to do a DIY job on his leg. She tells Jason to stop putting her in unlawful situations, and he says to her it will all be over soon, he takes her home, where Anna sees them through the window. Chloe admits to Anna that she is still seeing him and that she loves him, but wants to be there for Anna.

Charlie has a go at Jan for not pressing charges against Greg, which could have saved Patrick from being attacked and tells her Philippa is causing low staff morale. After flirting all shift and giving her roses, Jack takes Nikki out on a date – after the night’s over she says goodbye and gets in her cab – only to tease him by ringing him and tell him they are going back to his. After a discussion with Dillon about relationships, Lara splits up with her boyfriend Craig and stays by Patrick’s bed side. Patrick’s eyes flicker open and tells Lara in his usual sarcastic tone that she’s lucky to be in her position.


* Patrick Spiller – hypothermia – brought in a sent to ITU.

* Joe Price – bitten by a snake.

* Thomas Callahan – driver chasing muggers is hit by car.

* Katie Collins – diabetic.

First Scene/ words

Wood – Patrick is lying face down in a ditch by the lake/ Kieran and Joe steal a bag from driver Thomas’ car in a car park.

Thomas : Oi! (chases after them) Oi! (he is then hit by a car)

Last Scene/ words

Lara is with Patrick in the ITU ward;

Lara : Funny thing happened to me today, split up with the best guy I’ve had in a long time.. and I’m stuck here with you! What’s that all about? (Patrick’s eyes flicker open)

Patrick : Just lucky I guess!

Notable Facts

* Jack lives at 18 Bramley Road.

* Spencer tells Lara ‘If you save someone’s life, you are responsible for it forever.’

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