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S19 E5 (2 Oct 04) : Facing Up by Linda Thompson

Episode Summary

Comfort and Fin attend a bogus call and, when Fin drives off, he discovers the brakes aren’t working. The ambulance crashes but they are unharmed. Engineers later inspect the van and discover that the brakes have been tampered with.

Comfort confides in Tess that she is pregnant and says she intends to tell Fin over a romantic meal that evening. When he doesn’t come home from work she phones Josh, who says he left hours ago. Comfort rings everyone she can think of but no-one has seen or heard from him.

Kate is admitted to hospital after being beaten by her boyfriend – again. Luke goes to see her but she leaves without being treated, saying she doesn’t want anything to do with Luke, because he killed her husband.

Interviews for the new receptionist take place at the hospital. Tess’s son, Sam, has applied for the job but she warns him not reveal that she is his mother. Bex takes a shine to him and both women are pleased when they discover he has got the job.

Nina is still frustrated with Ellen, especially as everyone else seems to like her. She arranges to have a quiet night in with Abs and they are about to kiss when Ellen turns up at the door. Nina is furious and tells them both to leave.

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