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Cas Series

S19 E16

S19 E16 (19 Dec 04) : Forsaking All Others by Emma Frost

Episode Summary

It is the wedding day, Abs and Ellen have arranged to have a simple affair at a registry office. Abs asks Nina to be the witness, Nina tells Abs he is making a big mistake but she agrees to come. Nina later tells Claire the real reason that Abs and Ellen are marrying – Ellen is blackmailing him. Jim and Selena decide to organise a surprise party for Abs and Ellen. Woody picks the couple up from the registry office in a horse and carriage and takes them to a plush hotel where the rest of the team are waiting. They make sure Ellen feels at home by organising some Ukrainian wedding traditions. An upset Nina leaves the party, and Claire finds her in the toilet crying. Abs and Ellen go up to the honeymoon suite that the team have booked for them. Ellen makes a move on Abs, but he is shocked telling her the wedding was a business arrangement. Ellen warns him that they cannot see other people as they need to pretend their relationship is real. Abs walks out of the room and goes to the hotel bar. He sees a tearful Nina and they talk, but when Abs tries to kiss her Nina rejects him saying she refuses to be his mistress.

Jim tells Harry that he has been struck off the State medical board in America, meaning he can never practise medicine there again. He fears that the GMC will do the same. Harry tells him he will speak to the trust and that Jim should take some time off. He tells Jim not to worry as it does not necessarily mean that the GMC will take action.

Selena continues to bully Bex, telling her that she is not invited to the wedding party. Selena also complains to Harry about Bex, leading him to give her a warning.

Guppy declines Harry’s offer to attend the wedding party. Harry asks Woody to take Guppy under his wing, Woody reluctantly agrees.

Guppy is treating a man who tells him his wife abducted their daughter four years ago. The man sees a patient that he thinks is his little girl and tells Guppy. Guppy tries to tell Tess but she instructs Guppy to stay out of it. Later, Guppy finds out that the man and daughter have the same condition. Guppy tells the man, who bursts into the girls room thinking she is his missing daughter. However, he is mistaken and Tess calls Guppy into her office. She warns Guppy never to break patient confidentiality again.

Comfort is short with Tess at work. When her shift ends Tess goes to the flat to see her. She rings the doorbell, but when no-one answers she tries to use her key. Ruth answers the door saying that Comfort no longer lives there and slams the door in Tess’s face. Tess calls Comfort, telling her she knows that she is no longer living at the flat – they arrange to meet. Tess goes to see her at the B & B where she is staying.

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