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S17 E31 (12 Apr 03) : The Point of No Return by David Joss Buckley

Episode Summary

Ryan needs Duffy to hear him out. He shows up at every opportunity to persuade her that he truly loves her and wants a second chance. She wavers, realising she is still in love with him. The proof she needs is in his safe return of all the money and the offer of a new life in New Zealand, already in her name. It is hard for Duffy to say goodbye to Charlie but, with a final heartfelt kiss, she leaves him staring longingly after her and is whisked away.

Pip Benson, a bullying boss whose employee tries to kill herself after he has made her life a living hell. When she dies, her husband is furious and knows it is Benson’s cruelty that has killed her. He follows him back to the garage and, in the fight that ensues, Benson falls, knocking flammable liquid to the floor. His cigar drops to the ground as he struggles to compose himself and he suddenly goes up in flames.

Merlin is in for a shock when it transpires one of his friends has drug-raped another. He is not the only one to uncover a disturbing revelation, though. Anna offers to go and meet Merlin’s real mother when he is given a second chance, but is scared. Outside, the only person she sees is Lyn. After asking her why she is there, a moment of hesitation provides Anna with the shocking truth.

Jack comes in to see Tony with Eddie, whose kidney matches, but is upset when he stubbornly refuses it. Nikki reminds him that the decision could cost him his life and Eddie offers an explanation for why he left their mother.

Notable Facts

* Les Dennis plays Pip Benson.

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