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S21 E3 (30 Sep 06) : Waste of Space by Robin Mukherjee

Episode Summary

Nathan is continuing to worry about his future and becomes distressed when he cuts himself. Selena convinces him to take a blood test and he is glad to have her on his side. He is relieved when Selena informs him that his HIV result is negative. The pair later kiss in his office.

Harry turns detective when a woman, Gemma, is brought in following a suspected overdose. Events lead him to suspect her GP, Dr Ellis, of acting inappropriately.

Meanwhile, Ellen is on a mission to convert the others to her health kick. An aggravated Kelsey decides a practical joke is the best way to get back at her, but her actions end up having unexpected consequences for Alice, who collapses from caffeine overdose. In the cubicles Alice speaks to Kelsey about Guppy, who confirms that she never slept with him, despite the rumours.

New paramedics Dixie and Cyd arrive and Josh is unimpressed by their laid-back attitude. When Dixie criticises Josh’s management, he decides to break the two of them up.

A recently bereaved daughter, Jackie, who has cystic fibrosis goes cage fighting against the wishes of her grandparents. However after the fight, she has an argument and is pushed against a wall, imapling her back on a metal peg.

A police officer, Martin, is brought in after being attacked. Maggie can’t find anything medically wrong with him but Tess realises he is suffering anxiety attacks over his job.


* Gemma Sheppy – dies from overdose.

* Jackie Stopes – injured from a metal peg impaled in her back.

* Martin Worthington – minor cuts, anixiety attacks.

Notable Facts

* Tony Caunter plays Tom Stopes.

* Stephen Moyer plays Dr Mark Ellis.

* ‘She’s a dark horse that Maggie – her and her Cambodian catch!’ says Kelsey referring to Maggie’s kiss with Somnang.

* Alice confronts Kelsey about what she thinks she knows about her and Guppy, ‘Friends don’t sleep with boys their friends are dreaming about.’ When Kelsey tells her the truth, Alice says ‘I think I’ve been a bit daft!’

* After been given the all-clear, Nathan tells Selena ‘I didn’t want you to get under my skin – but you did.’

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