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Cas Series

S16 E35

S16 E35 (4 May 02) : Too Close for Comfort by Colin Wyatt

Episode Summary

Comfort is confused. Rob comes to see at work and wants to forgive her and make amends on their marriage. He says he will meet her after work. Meanwhile, Finn, on his day off also comes to visit her. She tells him to back off a bit, and decide to meet for lunch.

Jack makes bets on Jan resigning – she later finds out and tells him she will fight to make sure that doesn’t happen. A journalist tries to get a story from Jan. She refuses to comment. Jan is upset when Charlie doesn’t support her by helping to file a report – when he says he has already resigned as Clinical Nurse Manager.

Nikki and Comfort visit an angina patient, Kevin, who has collapsed at home. His wife, Pam, is hoping to get a priest to give him his last rights before he dies. Comfort tries to grant her wish, by getting him to the hospital where a priest will be waiting for him, but he is already dead. The family doctor outside the house confirms his death and Pam is angry at Comfort for deceiving her.

A divorced father brings in his 9 year old son, Sam, who has accidentally swallowed pesticide from his garden. It’s the first weekend of access he has had since the divorce, and is distraught at having to tell Sam’s mother. Nikki tries to help, by explaining he wasn’t to blame.

Finn, who is out jogging, falls down a hole, where diggers are working. He calls for help, where aimless Paul comes across him. Finn asks him to go for help, but instead he tries to get Finn out himself – and fails by also falling in the hole, injuring his wrist. Stuck in the hole together, Finn misses his lunch appointment with Comfort, but Paul advises him to see her after work and fight for her love. They manage to get help, by Paul climbing onto Finn’s shoulders and gain the attention of a worker. Finn drops off Paul at home, and then rushes to meet Comfort at work – where Rob has also arrived. They both tell Comfort how they feel and she is told to choose – she decides Finn. Rob is heartbroken.

Jack and Nikki plan a night out for drinks. He teases her and suggests they head for Max’s office!

Jan decides to ring the journalist and invites him up to her office. She leaves Max Gallagher’s personal file on her desk and hints that he should read it, while she leaves the room.


* Kevin – angina patient who dies.

* Sam Pinter – boy who has swallowed pesticide

* Sally – faints at work.

First Scene/ words

Rob comes to see Comfort at work;

Comfort : What are you doing here?

Rob : You’re my wife!

Comfort : And you threw me out

Rob : Yeah you gave me a lot of choice didn’t you?

Comfort : I wanted to be honest

Last Scene/ words

Finn : If you don’t want me I won’t walk away

Rob : I’m your husband Comfort, you took vows infront of God

Comfort : Rob, I’m getting in the car with Finn

Rob : Comfort, Comfort don’t do this, I love you, Comfort please! (Finn and Comfort drive off)

Notable Facts

* Griff Rhys Jones plays Paul Fuller.

* Chad Shepherd plays Rob Jones.

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