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Cas Series

26.08 Charlie’s Angels – 8/10/11

S26 E8 (8 Oct 11) : Charlie’s Angels by David Bowker

Episode Summary

A patient falls into Charlie’s hands – literally – and Scarlett finds out if she has what it takes to make it as a nurse.

Charlie is stuck in a traffic jam when a teenager blacks out on a road bridge and falls onto his car. The girl, Maya, claims that she sees angels and that Charlie is their instrument on Earth, and her condition perplexes the ED team.

Zoe picks up the case and is forced to act quickly to save Maya’s life when the teenager blacks out again. Can Zoe’s persistence get to the bottom of Maya’s baffling symptoms?

New nursing recruit Scarlett doubts her abilities as a nurse and her resolve is sorely tested during a work shift from hell. But when Scarlett is left alone with a fresh stab victim in the ED she finds out if she actually has what it takes to save a life.

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Screencaps : S26 E8

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