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Cas Series

S16 E12

S16 E12 (1 Dec 01) : Best Intentions by Maurice Bessman

Episode Summary

As Ben goes into a centre to be treated for his addiction, Amanda leaves Max’s home, despite his pleading for her to stay. Jack and his brother Tony fight at the local boxing gym, later Jack tries to persuade Charlie to put in a good reference for Tony, for the new security guard job. Jan is looking for Max, following Patrick’s report on him, Charlie is angry toward Patrick and tries to warn Max before Jan sees him.

Patrick and Dillon treat Spencer after he collapses in Reception and vomits blood. Jack tries to contact his ex-wife, Shirley, who turns up to see him. Spencer tells her he is slowly turning his life around, and has not had a drink for ages, but she storms off, when Dillon tells her his condition could be due to being back on alcohol. Patrick is annoyed when they find out he has a tear in his esophagus, and it is not drink related – Dillon feels guilty, but Shirley has already left.

A man, Brian is brought in after a leg injury weeks ago has turned septic. Max discovers he has had previous injuries to his leg before, and that he is suffering from dismorphia. Brian hopes for an amputation to his leg.

A 14 year old girl, Marice, is brought in with appendicitis. However her parents won’t sign the consent form for her needed operation because their son previously died in an operation at the hospital. Duffy tries to persuade them, but eventually Maurice stands up for herself and decides to sign the consent form herself.

Referee Phil Rogers is punched in the face by rugby player Julie, after he disallows their try, because he is still in love with his ex-wife, Lisa, who is playing on the other team – she suffers a broken leg, and in A&E reveals that Julie is his present wife!

Jan eventually catches up with Max, and suspends him, for giving Ben drugs.

Chloe’s boyfriend, Jason gives her money to see a client, Lenny, but she can’t get out of her shift at the hospital. She begs Anna to take her place. Anna turns up at the restaurant, nervous and quiet, and eventually tells Lenny she is not Chloe. She goes to the toilets, and escapes, however he corners her outside.


* Brian Todd – 35 yr old, gaping wound to thigh, suffering from dismorphia and faces amputation to leg.

* Marice Devereux – 14 yr old, appendicitis.

* Spencer – vomits blood & collapses, has tear to esophagus.

* Referee Phil Rogers – punched in face by Julie.

* Julie – rugby player with hand injury.

* Lisa – rugby player with broken leg.

First Scene/ words

Josh and Comfort enter CRASH;

Duffy : Let’s have him over here

Josh : Cheers Duffy, right Todd, 35, had a fall a few weeks ago, now got a large gaping wound to his right thigh, oozing blood and puss..

Last Scene/ words

Lenny : Left me looking a right idiot!

Anna : I’m sorry I had a headache

Lenny : Really, seemed alright a minute a go, come on Anna what happened to clubbing? Tell you what lets forget about clubbing and go back to my hotel (tries to kiss her)

Anna : I don’t want this!

Lenny : No, well why did you come then? (she kicks him) Bitch! (Anna runs off but he catches her)

Notable Facts

* Huw Higginson plays Brian Todd.

* Nick Miles plays Lenny.

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