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Cas Series

S20 E36

S20 E36 (6 May 06) : A Problem Halved by Nazrin Choudhury

Episode Summary

Abs discovers Ellen’s secret when he bumps into her on the cancer ward, but she begs him not to tell anyone. Abs questions why Nina felt she couldn’t confide in him, but Nina is defensive. As Nina takes Ellen home, Abs shows up and offers them both a lift.

Meanwhile, Luke has been receiving some hoax calls and, after a bit of detective work, discovers Sol is the culprit. Sol explains he made the calls as a cry for help and apologises to Luke. Comfort persuades him to give Sol one last chance.

Maggie overhears about an upcoming Consultant’s position but is annoyed that Harry hasn’t told her. When she finds him showing another candidate round the department, Maggie confronts Harry, only for him to tell her, he was Nathan’s choice and that he’d like nothing better than for her to get the job.

Patient Maya Joseph, who’s had a miscarriage weeks ago, has been lying to her husband, who believes she is still pregnant. Unable to come to terms with her miscarriage, she has suffered an infection.

Whilst on a school activity weekend, teenager, Amy, who has been teased, takes an overdose of anti-depressants. Whilst abseiling, she falls and fractures her femur. Maggie treats confused Amy who discovers her parents have hid the facts that she has a condition called PAIS – she has male organs. Amy is devestated but takes comfort from Maggie’s support.


* Maya Joseph – previous miscarriage but still carrying baby. Hand injury from car shunt.

* Amy Harkins – PAIS

Notable Facts

* Katherine Dow Blyton plays Maya Joseph.

* Luke is mistaken for a stripper following a hoax call to a hen party.

* ‘You don’t have to pretend you care’, Ellen tells Abs after he shockingly discovers her secret.

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