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Episode Summary

Mickie fears the worst as her medical school application lies in the hands of Ric, who believes her current performance to be substandard. Abra puts Mickie in a tricky situation by persuading her to help him carry out an illegal transplant on patient, Pete. The operation is an initial success and it looks as if the pair are able to cover their tracks. Ric is happy with her performance and gives her a glowing reference, meaning she is able to go to medical school in Newcastle. Kim, who is at first upset at Mickie’s role in her half-brother’s operation, decides to go with her.

[ID 1570]Elliot[/ID]’s wife, Gina, and a patient, Margaret, both suffer from the same deteriorating condition, motor neurone disease. Elliot is very concerned about the welfare of Margaret, who has recently had stem cell restoration work in Singapore, and sees her “recovery” as hope for his wife. But he is upset when Margaret’s condition worsens and she goes into arrest. Having requested a DNR, she dies. Meanwhile Gina confides in Connie that Elliot is not ready for her to die. Elliot takes her on a picnic where Gina tells him she doesn’t want to go to Singapore and they must face the future realistically and stop chasing dreams.


* Margaret Wrightman – motor neurone disease, dies.

* Pete Golding – illegal ‘pig’s kidney’ transplant.

Notable Facts

* Gillian Bevan plays Gina Hope.

* Sam Stockman plays James Hope.

* Alex MacQueen plays Dr Greene.

* After seeing Mickie with a hangover at work, Donna says ‘Welcome to my world Nurse Hendrie!’

* Gina tells Elliot she doesn’t want to go to Singapore. ‘The best we can hope for it that it will prolong the inevitable.’

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