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HC Past Series

S8 E13

Episode Summary

Ric rushes back from a conference and straight into a crisis. The new, improved Keller ward is about to open and Ric wants to make sure everything goes smoothly. However, when he gets back to the hospital, he realises that Diane is struggling to cope and won’t open up to him. The thermostat is broken and the temperature in the ward is hovering around 90˚C. Ric is forced to take charge of the situation.

Obese Lyn Forbes arrives for her gastric bypass operation and is upset when Diane tells her they may have to cancel the operation. However Ric is adamant at going ahead, despite the heat problems. Although the circuits blow in theatre, Ric manages to carry on and save Lyn but finds she has another problem with her heart.

Elsewhere, Diane and Chrissie nearly come to blows over Owen in front of a patient, Clayton, whom they are treating, but they later reconcile. Clayton, meanwhile, has coronary artery disease and doesn’t take the severity of his condition seriously. He is told he has left his condition untreated for so long that he will need to go on bypass.

Marcus is brought in after a car accident. Depressed because he is in huge debt from gambling, he tried to kill himself, hoping his family would be able to cash in his life policy. In the ward, he again tries to take his life by pulling out his drip and falling from his bed. Donna persuades him to confess all to his wife.

Donna spots a job ad on the notice board for a nurse on Keller and decides to apply. However, she is upset when she finds out that Mickie has already got the job, and can’t understand why she didn’t tell her about it. To Mickie she acts pleased for her, but to Dean she voices her annoyance at being a bank nurse. However after being congratulated by Lola during her shift for doing a good job, she cheers up and even offers to take Mickie out for a drink to celebrate her new position.

Notable Guest Stars

* Lisa Riley guest stars.


* Marcus Wright – car crash.

* Lyn Forbes – gastric bypass operation.

* Clayton Jones – coronary artery disease and leg aneurism.

Notable Facts

* Lisa Riley plays Lyn Forbes.

* Andrew Lewis plays Paul Rose. He is now out of his wheelchair, though it is not explained why.

* Dean asks Ric, ‘I’m doing my re-sits and wondered if you had any advice.’ Ric replies, ‘Yes – pass’.

* Connie tells Chrissie and Diane off for arguing infront of a patient. Aside Diae tells Connie ‘I thought you would have understood’.

* Trying to console Diane, Ric says ‘Any man thatlets you go, probably doesn’t deserve you.’

* Giving Marcus advice, Donna says, ‘listen to me, I’m starting to sound like Lola’s granny!’

* Arguing with Diane, Chrissie says, ‘Why don’t you stop being such a victim and geta personality!’

* Lola is pleased with Donna’s work, ‘You’ve got spark girl – you remind me of what I was like when I was young!’

* Reconciling with Chrissie, the pair share a tearful moment when Diane says, ‘For what it’s worth, I realise I’m not alone’.

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