15.07 After the Party – 27/11/12

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S15 E7 (27 Nov 12) : After the Party by Emer Kenny

Episode Summary

New CEO, Imelda, takes a shine to Jac, enjoying the fact she helped cast doubt over Hanssen’s suitability for the job. Jac’s keen to impress her, but gets drawn into a complicated teen pregnancy case, leading Jac into finding out just what it means to disobey Imelda…

It’s assessment day for new CT1 doctor Lilah, and having got off on the wrong foot with Malick, she’s determined to pull it out the bag.

Serena’s hoping that today’s her last shift on AAU, and is even more delighted when she discovers she’s worked with Imelda before. She throws herself into doing a good job, convinced she’ll be back on Keller in no time. But it turns out Serena’s memory hasn’t served her well and Imelda’s not who she thought she was…

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