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Cas Series

S20 E03

S20 E3 (17 Sep 05) : Deep Water by Linda Thompson

Episode Summary

Concerned mother Tess is angry that Fleur is distracting Sam at work. Tess asks Sam to go to lunch with her but he sneaks off with Fleur instead. Sam wishes he could be more impulsive like Fleur, but she tells him he will be once his medication wears off. Fleur persuades him to sell his tablets to her friends as she needs the money, and then convinces him to call in sick and take the afternoon off work.

Meanwhile, Harry tells Guppy he is going to report Jas to the GMC. Guppy begs Harry to let him talk his father into resigning quietly instead and Harry reluctantly agrees. Guppy tells Jas that he gave Harry the evidence he found on Jas’s laptop. Jas is appalled but agrees to resign rather than be sacked.

Elsewhere, Woody treats a 10-year-old boy called Matt, after his leg becomes trapped in the local swimming pool. The boy looks up to Woody and the pair get along well. Woody recognises his mother, Susan, but is not sure why. Later, he realises who Matt’s mother is – a woman he slept with 10 years ago.

Nina and Comfort are called to an army base, where Nina once trained. A woman, Kim, has collapsed whilst down in the gas chamber. A scan reveals she has a condition which means the end of her career. Feeling suicidal, she discharges herself and heads to the hills with a gun. Nina persuades her to put the gun down by telling her there is life outside of the army.

An alcholic old lady, Cynthia, arrives in the department with a stomach ulcer. Cynthia walked out on her family and her estranged daughter, Lucy, has a miture of feelings when she sees her.


* Cynthia Hollis – alcholic with stomach ulcer.

* Kim Starkey – cycoidosis.

* Jodie Eccles – swelling to the eye.

* Matt Haddon – fractured leg.

Notable Facts

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* Thomas Law plays Matt Haddon.

* David Royle plays Sgt George Morrison.

* Woody tells Matt the golden rule about chatting up women is to ‘Never tell them everything about yourself’.

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Screencaps : S20 E3

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