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Cas Series

S15 E31

S15 E31 (24 Mar 01) : Allied Forces by Katherine Smith

Episode Summary

The morning after his stag night, Rob Allen wakes up to find himself tied to a tree in the middle of a field. He shouts for help but it is clear there is no one around. Eventually Davey Turner, the farmer’s son arrives in a Land Rover. He is angry and complains that it will take them hours to round up all the sheep again. Rob protests that it was his friends who let the sheep out, not him. As they are talking the Land Rover starts to roll down the hill, Davey has forgotten to put the handbrake on. It runs over his leg and crashes into the tree, narrowly missing Rob. Davey tries to untie him but he is in considerable pain from his leg which he thinks he has broken. Rob tells Davey about his wedding plans – it is to be a very elaborate affair. Davey is surprised that Rob is arranging the wedding, he thought that was the bride’s job. Rob tells him that his fiancée Clare, is very busy and not interested in detail. As they talk more, Davey tells him that he wants to travel and go to college to study computer design. His father, Len arrives in the tractor and his main concern is the Land Rover. He tries to back it off the tree but it gets stuck in the mud and rolls forward, crushing Rob’s leg against the tree.

As the paramedics arrive, Len tells Rob that the accident was his own stupid fault. They use the tractor to pull the Land Rover away and in the process, Josh slips and bangs his head. Davey refuses to let his father go in the ambulance with him. In resus it becomes clear that Rob’s leg is badly damaged. Max tells him that it will need surgery. He later tells student nurse Anna that he thinks it unlikely that the foot can be saved.

Duffy speaks to Len and tells him that Rob has been taken up to x-ray. His main concern is that his son won’t be fit to work for over a month. He says that if he is going to be short staffed he must get back to the farm. Duffy is surprised and tells Len that Davey will need his help. Len however is insistent that his son won’t want him, he made that clear in the ambulance. Duffy offers to go and find out if Davey wants Len to stay. She tells Davey that his dad is waiting and he is very surprised. Andrew tells him that he has broken his leg and must attend the trauma clinic at the hospital the next day. Davey says that he won’t be able to, as he can’t get there.

Back in resus the surgeon tells Rob that the ultrasound scan has shown that the blood is not reaching his foot and there is now little chance of them being able to save it. Max does not think that Rob has taken it all in. Later Anna asks Rob about the wedding plans and during the course of the conversation he asks her if the foot can be saved. She panics and tells him that it will be fine. Rob’s fiancée, Clare, arrives and insists on seeing him before Max speaks to her. She goes in and Rob tells her that he will be fine for the day, he just needs an operation and he is determined that nothing should spoil her day. Anna tells Max that she has told Rob the foot will be fine. Max is angry but they go in together and he tells Rob that he won’t be fit for the wedding as it is unlikely that the foot can be saved. Rob is angry but Max says that he and the surgeon should have been clearer. When they have left. Clare tells Rob that she feels she has been railroaded into the wedding. They argue and he tells her to go. She runs out in tears.

Len goes into the cubicle to find out how long Davey will be. They end up arguing as well and Davey tells his father that he is on his own this time. Len walks out. Barney later takes Davey to see Rob. He apologises and Rob accuses him of ruining his life. Davey replies that the only difference between the tow of them is a few pounds, Rob has no idea how their business works. As Barney is wheeling Davey out Rob tells him that they need to downsize the farm, contract out part of the land and sell some of the livestock. Davey can’t understand how Rob knows all this. Clare who has just come back into resusc, tells him that is it because Rob is the most talented management consultant in Wyvern. Davey and Len meet in reception and Len gives him a pile of computer magazines. Clare tells Rob that she doesn’t want to get married, she can’t stand the fuss and was happy living together.

New receptionist, Jack Vincent is dropped off at work by his gran. On the way in he meets Barney and Anna. He tells them that he has been working in Ibiza for the last few years. The first thing he does is to put a cuddly monkey, Buster, on top of his computer. He tells them that a ‘hot babe’ gave it to him. Maeve, a bag lady, arrives in A&E and won’t give a name. Anna and Barney tell Jack that he will have to search her bags to find out her identity. He goes through her bags, finds an old library book and thinks it would be a good idea to phone the library to see who took it out. As he is on the phone Colette comes into reception and recognises the lady as a regular – Jack tells Anna and Barney that he’s make them pay. Later in the day his gran comes in to find out what he wants for his tea. She tells Anna that it was her who gave Jack Buster. Jack shows her out and asks her to run an errand for him. She returns later with a paper bag of sweets. He gives Anna and Barney a sweet each and they can’t understand why people are giving them funny looks – the sweets have turned their mouths and teeth black. The plan backfires however when Charlie, telling Max that he has sold the house and is moving into a new flat when he returns from seeing Louis in a few weeks time, takes one of the sweets, along with Max.

The morning after the incident in [ID 387]Tom[/ID]’s flat, Holly is determined to return to work. Patrick and Max are discussing how surprised they are about Tom and Barney tells them that Holly has turned up for her shift. Max asks Patrick to look after her. He goes into the cubicle where Holly is dealing with a young girl with hand burns. He tells Holly she should be at home resting but she insists that no one is going to make a victim out of her. DS Barker arrives in reception to see Max and Patrick shows him to Max’s office. There the police officer tells them that Tom is considering pressing charges for assault. In the staff room Holly tells Patrick that she can’t understand how she didn’t realise the stalker was Tom. Patrick asks her if she gave him the wrong idea. Holly is understandably upset, tells him about the shrine in Tom’s flat and asks him if that was her fault? Back in A&E and she tells Maeve that she is fine and there is nothing wrong with her. Colette insists on performing an ECG. Patrick overhears the exchange and tells her she could be gambling her registration if she is wrong about Maeve being a time waster. Holly decides to leave the shift. Later that day she phones Patrick’s voicemail and gets through to his voicemail. Patrick however is downstairs but cannot bring himself to ring the doorbell.

Tracey Yorath arrives in A&E with a bleeding ear. She refuses to tell Patrick how it happened. Kim Yorath later comes in having hurt her foot. Danielle Yorath then arrives with her husband, Phil, and is upset when Jack thinks that Phil is her dad. The three women come face to face and it becomes clear that Kim and Tracey are Phil’s daughters, they accuse Danielle of wrecking their father’s life. As Charlie stitches up Kim’s toe she and Tracey tell him that they have been planning their father’s retirement party for years before Danielle came on the scene. They went to Phil’s house that morning to sort it out but he didn’t want to know and the women started to fight. Danielle tells Colette that the other women hate her so why should they spend time with them. Tracey and Kim confront their father and Danielle collapses clutching her stomach, she is pregnant. The baby is fine and they show Kim and Tracey the scan photo, they are amazed.Max and Andrew discuss the reopening of Broadway General. Andrew describes it as ‘all lilac walls and mood music’.Max tells him that if he is reluctant to go back there is a consultant’s post coming up at Holby and he hopes Andrew will consider it. Andrew says he will think about it.

After being caught in the middle of the fight between the Yoraths, Duffy tells Charlie that she doesn’t feel safe any more after the miscarriage scare and she is going to take her maternity leave as soon as possible. Charlie sys that he expects Andrew will be relieved to get her out of the firing line. She tells him that she hasn’t told Andrew yet, the less time they spend together the better. Charlie says that it is no wonder then that Andrew has turned down the consultant’s post. Duffy is surprised as she didn’t know anything about the job. At the end of the shift Duffy tells Andrew that she can’t understand why he has turned the job down as it would mean promotion and work in a bigger hospital. He tells her that he feels Holby is her territory and values their marriage too much to risk messing it up at work.

In reception Penny tells Josh that she has received a letter with her dad’s address. She can’t believe it and can’t wait to get in touch with him. Josh, however, is distracted and Penny tells him that if he doesn’t ask Colette out she will do it for him. Later Josh invites her out for a drink. She says she’d love to but then realises she can’t because she has to stay in for the plumber who is coming to mend her toilet. Josh says that she needn’t do that, he will fix it for her. In the car park Josh and Penny discuss what he should wear. That evening at Colette’s house Josh comes downstairs soaked having mended the toilet. Things are awkward between them. Josh goes to kiss her but the doorbell rings. It is Colette’s mother come to ‘keep her company’. She mistakes Josh for the plumber. Josh decides it would be better if he left.

First Scene/words

[A three-wheeler pulls up at the front of A&E and stops behind an ambulance. Jack gets out.]

Jack: Thanks a lot Nan, I’ll see you later yeh?

Nan: Don’t forget your lunch, Jack… [she passes him a big bag of food] Don’t want you eating any of that hospital muck.

Jack: Alright… [He sees Anna & Barney going inside] Morning!

Nan: Go on don’t be late!

Last Scene/words

[Josh leaves Colette’s house as her mother unexpectedly turns up and ruins their evening. He gets outside, shakes his head and sighs. He walks away.]

Additional Characters

Nan – Kathleen Worth

Rob Allen – Dallas Campbell

Davey Turner – Stuart Mackie

DS Baker – Gary Cross

Maeve – Christine Ozanne

Len Turner – Peter Martin

Tracey Yorath – Sonia Ritter

Kim Yorath – Imogen Bain

Phil Yorath – Ray Armstrong

Danielle Yorath – Catriona Yuill

Orthopaedic Reg – Vimal Stephens

Clare Wilson – Joanna Harte

Mrs Kierney – Glenna Forster-Jones

Guide by Alison.

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