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  • Nina Wadia

    Plays Annabelle Cooper DATE OF BIRTH : 18th December 1968 BORN : Bombay, India HUSBAND : Raoimund Mirza (m.1998) CHILDREN : Daughter, Tia Nina (b.2003)...

  • James Alexandrou

    CASUALTY APPEARANCE : S29 E18 ‘The Last Goodbye’ CHARACTER : Franny Da Vies STORYLINE : ACTOR FAMED FOR : Martin Fowler in Eastenders

  • Larry Lamb

    CASUALTY APPEARANCE : S14 E7 ‘Everybody Hurts’ CHARACTER : Father Peter Harker STORYLINE : ACTOR FAMED FOR : Archie in Eastenders, Mick in Gavin &...

  • Nadia Sawalha

    CASUALTY APPEARANCE : S11 E9 ‘Another Day in Paradise’ CHARACTER : Dr Robyn McCormack STORYLINE : ACTOR FAMED FOR : Annie in Eastenders

  • Brooke Kinsella

    HOLBY CITY APPEARANCE : S13 E22 ‘Too Much Monkey Business’ CHARACTER : Emma Kerrigan STORYLINE : ACTOR FAMED FOR : Kelly in Eastenders

  • Joe Absolom

    CASUALTY APPEARANCE : S10 E13 ‘All’s Fair’ CHARACTER : Howard Jarrold STORYLINE : APPEARANCE : S23 E16 ‘This Will Be Our Year’ & S23 E17...

  • Joel Beckett


  • Matt Di Angelo

    CASUALTY APPEARANCE : S23 E47 ‘No Fjords in Finland (Part One) & S23 E48 ‘No Fjords in Finland (Part Two) CHARACTER : Tom STORYLINE :...

  • Jack Ryder

    HOLBY CITY APPEARANCE : S15 E3 ‘Follow My Leader’ CHARACTER : Sean Wells STORYLINE : ACTOR FAMED FOR : Jamie in Eastenders

  • Lindsey Coulson

    CASUALTY APPEARANCE : S22 E18 ‘Take a Cup of Kindness Yet’ & S22 E19 ‘For Auld Lang Syne’ CHARACTER : Kate Villiers STORYLINE : ACTOR...

  • Shaun Williamson

    HOLBY CITY APPEARANCE : S10 E8 ‘Mirror Man’ CHARACTER : Larry Randle STORYLINE : ACTOR FAMED FOR : Barry Evans in Eastenders

  • Jake Wood

    CASUALTY APPEARANCE : S6 E7 ‘Beggars Can’t Be Choosers’ CHARACTER : Danny STORYLINE : APPEARANCE : S9 E6 ‘Negative Equity’ CHARACTER : Rhys Proctor STORYLINE...

  • Stephen Lord

    Plays Warren Clements DATE OF BIRTH : 1st October 1972 TELEVISION CREDITS : The Bill; Luv; Heartbeat; Screen One; Giving Tongue; Into the Fire; Testament...

  • Michelle Collins

    APPEARANCE : S25 E1 ‘Entry Wounds’; S25 E3 ‘Chaos Theory’; S25 E6 ‘Eliminate the Negative’ & S25 E7 ‘Reasons Unknown’ CHARACTER : Camille Lewis STORYLINE...

  • Melissa Suffield

    APPEARANCE : S26 E26 ‘Ricochet: Damage Control’; S26 E31 ‘Fools for Love’; S26 E36 ‘Teenage Dreams’ CHARACTER : Alicia Dans STORYLINE : ACTOR FAMED FOR...

  • Bill Treacher

    APPEARANCE : S22 E14 ‘Inheritance’ CHARACTER : Howard Boylan STORYLINE : ACTOR FAMED FOR : Arthur Fowler in Eastenders

  • Louisa Lytton

    APPEARANCE : S24 E40 ‘Inconvenient Truths’ CHARACTER : Grace Fielding STORYLINE : ACTOR FAMED FOR : Ruby in Eastenders; Beth in The Bill

  • Paul Nicholls

    Plays Simon Marshall FULL NAME : Paul Greenhalgh DATE OF BIRTH : 12th April 1979 FROM : Bolton FAMILY: Parents, Paul and Julie and sister,...

  • Michael French

    Plays Nick Jordan DATE OF BIRTH : 17th September 1962 BORN : Bow, East London. LIVES : Epping Forest HEIGHT : 6ft 1 HOBBIES :...

  • Deepak Verma

    APPEARANCE : S4 E11 ‘It’s A Family Affair’ CHARACTER : Ajay Kapur STORYLINE :ACTOR FAMED FOR : Sanjay Kapoor in Eastenders

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