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15.40 Make or Break – 16/7/13

s15e40S15 E40 (16 Jul 13) : Make or Break by Rob Kinsman

Episode Summary

Leading student doctor Arthur is made an F2 and begins to take on new responsibilities now he is an F2, but when he is put in charge of Keller for the day, the ward . As he struggles to work with Chantelle after she rejected his advances, the ward starts to fall into chaos when a family member of a patient goes off the rails.

Distracted by Jonny’s excitement about her next scan, Jac finds herself on the back foot when a patient she had previously operated on returns to Darwin with new complications.

Sacha tries to stay positive as the results of Rachel’s bone-marrow transplant are due but unfortunately for him, the world’s most pessimistic patient as just entered AAU.

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14.21 Fresh Blood – 6/3/12

S14  E21 (6 Mar 12) : Fresh Blood by Rob Kinsman

Episode Summary

New F1 Tara ruffles feathers with her over keen attitude. As she take on too much she nearly kills a patient and starts to doubt whether she should be a doctor after-all. Oliver eventually takes pity on her and gives her some encouragement to stay in the job.

Eddie discovers there is more to Luc than meets the eye when his friend turns up on the ward claiming to be in pain. Luc is reluctant to treat him knowing that Eddie is probing Roy to get more info on his private life. When Roy’s life hangs in the balance, Eddie sees a more vulnerable side to Luc.

Chantelle upsets Lleucu when she books a holiday to Ibiza with the girls instead of laying down a deposit on her flat that she’s sharing with her colleague. Lleucu gives Chantelle an impossible deadline, which causes a huge rift between the two women.

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