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HC Actor

Alex MacQueen

Played Keith Greene

CASUALTY APPEARANCE : Alex played his role of Keith Greene in an episode of CASUALTY; S20 E39 ‘All at Sea’.

TELEVISION CREDITS : Keen Eddie; Family Business; Murder Squad; Outlaws; E=Mc2; Dead Man Weds; Peep Show; All in the Game; Wind in the Willows; The IT Crowd; Christmas at the Riveira; Trexx and Flipside; Pulling; The Wrong Door; Lead Balloon; Krod Mandoon; Mayo; The Thick of It; Outnumbered; The Inbetweeners; Todd Margaret; Campus; Miranda; Come Fly With Me; Lewis; Rock and Chips; This is England 88; Cricklewood Greats; Holy Flying Circus; Black Mirror; Casualty; Holby City

FILM CREDITS : Thunderbirds; The Emperor’s Wife; Keeping Mum; Magicians; The Hide; Tuesday; In the Loop; Four Lions; You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger; Bonded by Blood; Chalet Girl; Anuvahood; Pitch Black Heist; The Inbetweeners; Jack the Giant Killer; Gambit

THEATRE CREDITS : The Law of War; Two Bears – A Response to Two Kings

AGENT : Troika, 3rd Floor, 74 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5QA.

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