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Alistair Brammer Interview


Alistair Brammer joins CASUALTY this weekend as receptionist Jack Diamond. Famed for some of his theatre roles, Alistair talks to about his new role…

What can you tell us about your character Jack?

He’s a camp, fun, over the top character who loves being the centre of attention. So the opposite of me, as a fairly quiet, boring man.

Do we know much about his family/ relationships background?

No we don’t. Relationships wise, I do think he likes his own space and doesn’t like being tied down. He’s a free spirit and a boyfriend would only get in the way.

He’s a very different character to ones you’ve played before, how were you approached into taking this role? 

The casting director came and saw me in a show called Follies at the Albert Hall and my agent had an email the next day saying they were interested in me for the role. The part is the polar opposite to the one I was playing in that but I guess Derek saw something of Jack in me.

What about joining CASUALTY appealed to you?

It’s an institution, and has some great people involved. I also haven’t done much TV so I looked forward to working in a completely new environment for a long period of time.

Having appeared mainly in theatre, how does TV compare/ differ?

It’s a different job. Completely. Less is more and all that but also the kind of energy required to do your job is completely different. It’s not as physical as theatre so it’s all about concentration.

Were you a fan of CASUALTY before joining the show?

My parents are. They watch every week. So when I was growing up I watched it every week.

In his first scene, how are we introduced to Jack?

You’ll have to wait and see. He comes in with a bit of a bang. A sparkly bang.

How does Jack get on with the other staff in the ED, particularly his fellow receptionist colleague Noel?

Noel is unsure of him at first. His boundless energy is a bit much for Noel, who is quite a chilled soul. But they soon figure out eachother and become quite the duo.

And how are you enjoying working with the CASUALTY cast?

Everyone is so lovely and professional. Very little nonsense. And the guest artists keep you on your toes so it never gets boring.

You’re contracted on CASUALTY for six months, would you consider a longer stint on the show in the future?

Who knows. Variety is the spice of life and I want to do as much as I can while I don’t have kids to feed. I very rarely extend theatre contracts for the same reason. It’s good to mix it up and ‘the fear’ helps.

Do you have any acting roles lined up post-CASUALTY? Will you be returning to theatre?

Again, who knows. I will do whatever project I feel is the right one. Whether that’s theatre or something else. I just enjoy trying new things.

What do you consider have been some of the highlights of your career so far?

War Horse I adored doing. Chris in Miss Saigon was a bit of a dream role for me so that. Ummm, I just enjoy being able to do this and call it my job. I’m very lucky.

Do you have any work ambitions left to fulfil?

Many. None of which I’m going to share!

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