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Amy Murphy joins Holby

Actress Amy Murphy joins the cast of HOLBY CITY this week.

Amy plays the role of nurse Kylie Madden. Warm, vibrant and charming, Kylie is ready to hit the ground running on AAU, but after a shaky start, her colleagues Cameron, Fletch and Jeong doubt Kylie’s longevity on the ward and hazard a guess at whether she will actually last the full day.

Thankfully Kylie rises to the challenge as her patient becomes in awe of her, leaving the men eating humble pie.

This is Amy’s first major TV acting role.

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HC Actor

Plays Kylie Madden TELEVISION CREDITS : Holby City AGENT : Narrow Road Company, 1st, 37 Great Queen St, Holborn, London WC2B 5AA

HC Character

Played by Amy Murphy Appearance S22 E37 – Job Title Staff Nurse First Words Background Memorable Moments Extra Images

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