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Ben Turner Interview

Following Abs’ recent departure, new nurse Jay Faldren joins the team played by actor Ben Turner. He talks to about his new role…


Following Abs’ recent departure, new nurse Jay Faldren joins the team played by actor Ben Turner. He talks to about his new role…

How would you describe your character Jay?

He’s cocky, playful, cheeky, late but a brilliant nurse.

Does he get on with the rest of the team?

I like to think he gets on with everyone but at the moment there’s slight teething issues going on. He’s told off quite a lot by Tess. He gets in trouble and learns quite quickly to look out for Tess on the warpath!

Charlie is instrumental in getting Jay the job, and if it wasn’t for Charlie sort of recognising something that reminded him of himself when he first started out, there’s no way Jay would be working there. It’s funny as Charlie does seem to tell Jay off a lot but then as he’s walking away he’ll have a wry grin. Charlie takes him into his heart where Tess doesn’t. He also has a bit of a giggle with Zoe, but most of them will get on with Jay.

What did you do before joining CASUALTY?

I was doing a play at the Almeida till the end of last year and then I did an episode of CASUALTY as a guest. Then I did another play at the Battersea.

Did your guest role in CASUALTY help you get the regular role?

I think it probably did in a way as it got my foot in the door. They sort of had me in mind and because the last story I did on CASUALTY was quite strong in terms of storyline, they really liked it and when I auditioned they were in full praise of that previous episode.

Were you at all apprehensive about joining the show?

I was nervous yes, more so because I’ve lived in London my whole life and that’s where all my friends and family are. I’ve toured a lot in the past but London has always been my base and it feels, apart from University, that you don’t generally commit to something for that stretch of time. So I was nervous and there’s also a lot of acting talent in the building.

What other hobbies do you have?

I write quite a lot. A lot of my friends are musicians so I do quite a lot for them. I sing and play the guitar, rap a little bit. I like to exercise, I like the ocean – so any opportunity I’m in the sea!


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