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BFI’s Nations Health Season

BFI’s May season celebrates ‘The Nation’s Health’, includes panel discussion with CASUALTY’s creators.

The BFI Southbank explore representations of the NHS on television throughout May.


With drama, comedy and documentary they ask what television’s love affair with the NHS tell us about our relationship with the institution.


In a panel discussion with Paul Unwin & Jeremy Brock on 12th May, they look at whether changes in the series CASUALTY reflect our own changing relationship with the NHS or do they drive it?


It’s your chance to hear and question the creators of CASUALTY, writers Paul Unwin and Jeremy Brock, plus BBC Controller of Drama John Yorke.


* STOP PRESS * CASUALTY’s Suzanne Packer who plays Tess and medical advisor will also now be attending the Q&A session.


Plus much more:


Doctor in the House + Q&A with Dr Graeme Garden & Humphrey Barclay – Do changes in the series Casualty reflect our own changing relationship with the NHS or do they drive it? Your chance to question the creators of Casualty.


The Model NHS: Soaps & Docusoaps – A trio of NHS-inspired comedies, plus comedian Graeme Garden and producer Humphrey Barclay ask why we find the NHS so funny.


The Nation’s Health: Parts 1 & 2 – Explore the dichotomy between fictional representations of the NHS and the way it really is.


The Nation’s Health: Parts 3 & 4 + Q&A with GF Newman – An iconoclastic vision of the NHS which exerted considerable influence on TV drama.


Nurses or Angels? – Three very different views of the nursing profession across drama and documentary.


What’s Up, Doc? – Join us to examine the groundbreaking medical dramas of Dr Jed Mercurio.


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