Christmas in Holby

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With the festive season upon us, we take a look at what’s happening in HOLBY CITY over Christmas…


Abra springs a romantic surprise on  Kyla after finally telling her why he’s  got the anti-HIV drugs she found – he  is planning to send them on to  Zambia. When an apologetic Kyla  offers to cook him dinner, Abra claims he has plans. But when she leaves work, Kyla finds Abra waiting for him in the hospital’s garden, which he has turned into a magical Christmas wonderland.


Joseph tries to make it clear to Martha that they are just friends after their kiss at the Christmas party, but she is smitten with him. Jac warns Martha that Joseph is hers, but Martha isn’t going to give up without a fight.

Of Joseph and Jac’s relationship, actor  Luke Roberts says ‘Up to this stage  he’s been fairly asexual on screen, so  he’s touched and surprised by her  advances,’ adding, ‘He lacks something when it comes to social  situations, so he sees her advances  only on the surface and as genuine.’

While some fans may be shocked by the unlikely pairing, Luke can see the attraction between them ‘In some ways they are very much suited because they are both brittle characters – they put on a load of front but underneath they are quite insecure, quite delicate flowers.’


Lola is concerned for baby Leanne’s  welfare and manages to rope Dan into  helping her. They go to Steve’s flat  and hear Leanne crying inside. When  no one answers, Dan breaks the door down and finds Steve collapsed.

HOLBY CITY’s Christmas episode is on Thursday 28th December.



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