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HC Actor

Conor Mullen

Plays Stuart McElroy


PLACE OF BIRTH : Dublin, Ireland.

FAMILY : Brother, actor Rory Mullen.

CHILDREN : Two daughters, Hannah and Georgia.

TELEVISION CREDITS : Dick Francis: Twice Shy; Life After Life; Giving Tongue; Father Ted; Reckless; Soldier Soldier; The Bill; Reckless: The Movie; Badger; North Square; Armadillo; Helen West; Heartbeat; Ultimate Force; Island at War; Murder Prevention; Proof; Rough Diamond; Anner House; The Whistleblowers; Holby City; Silent Witness; The Silence; Single-Handed; When Harvey Me Rob; Raw

FILM CREDITS : The Apiarist’s Dream of World Domination; Boys and Men; Space Truckers; Blessed Fruit; Shergar; Ordinary Decent Criminal; Saltwater; Silent Grace; Puckoon; The Honeymooners; The Tiger’s Tail; Cluck

AGENT : The Agency Ltd (Dublin), 47 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2, Ireland.

Ken McReddie, 11 Connaught Place, London W2 2ET. shop > Conor Mullen

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