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Cas Actor

Craig Kelly

Plays Daniel Perryman


BORN : Lancashire

BROUGHT UP : Blackpool

LIVES : Muswell Hill, North London with his brother.

FAMILY : He has a younger brother, Dean Lennox, who is also an actor. On their childhood, ‘My brother is a brilliant mimic and loved all that performance stuff, whereas I just loved playing football.’

RELATIONSHIPS : Previous relationship with actress Jayne Ashbourne.

STUDIED : A drama foundation group in London

LIKES : Football and cinema.

ON CHARACTER DANIEL : ‘Dr Dan makes a few mistakes and is shocked at the consequences, he is still thinking in terms of his glamorous future in surgery but underneath all the laddishness and bravado, he’s quite sensitive.. he’s lazy, he’s made mistakes and had flare ups with nurses and got told off by senior staff, it’s time for him to grow up.’

REAL LIFE ACCIDENTS : ‘I was always in and out of casualty as a kid.’ Aged 7, Craig was rushed to Blackpool Victoria hospital unable to breath, thankfully it wasn’t serious.

HIS CAREER GOALS AS A TEENAGER : ‘At school there was no question about my future – I would be a footballer, so I mucked around in a lot of lessons. It wasn’t a complete fantasy because I was very good at it, until I was injured at the age of 15. I know now how hard it could have been. But I had no idea what else I could do, after my GCSE’s I walked past an Open Day at St Anne’s College and saw an interesting looking man standing by something that read ‘Drama Department’. I literally enrolled then and there and in a ears time I found myself at a proper drama school.’

ON HIS EARLY CAREER : ‘I was being wined and dines, given scripts and promised the world. But all I wanted was to be back home with my family and friends.’

ON AMERICA : ‘I like Britain, I like my flat, my friends, my family and the work that I do. I could never go and live there and start all over again.’

ON HIS FILM BREAK : ‘I got the part (The Young Americans) when I was only 21 and was like wow this it man, this is my dream come true. I’ve made it. One minute I was eating beans on toast in student digs and the next I was in a limo on my way to meet Me Keitel.’

WHAT ATTRACTS HIM TO WOMEN : ‘Some girls look fantastic in jeans and trainers, that’s very sexy to me, or a girl in summer amazing in a little dress, fantastic those floaty things.’

TURN OFFS IN WOMEN : ‘A girl being drunk throwing herself at me and trying to snog me.’

IF HE DIDN’T PLAY DANIEL, HE WOULD’VE LIKED TO HAVE PLAYED : Matt ‘because he was a loveable rogue!’

FAVE TV : Third Rock from the Sun

PREVIOUS CASUALTY APPEARANCE : Craig appeared in CASUALTY before his role as Daniel, in S8 E5 he played Ian Wheater, who is brought in with a knife wound, but is later found to be a rapist. [More Info]

TELEVISION CREDITS : Casualty; Children of the New Forest; Queer as Folk 1 &2; A Touch of Frost; Ellington; The Good Guy; The Grimleys; Clocking Off; Helen of Troy; Having it Off; Waking the Dead; Totally Frank; Hotel Babylon; Daziel & Pascoe; Afterlife 2; Coronation Street; Collision; Monroe

FILM CREDITS : The Young Americans; Beyond Bedlam; Young Indiana Jones and the Attack of the Hawmen; When Saturday Comes; Titanic; Spice World; Wing Commander; Undertaker’s Paradise; Silent Cry; Three Blind Mice; Oh Marbella!; Are You Ready for Love?; The Soul Rescue; Hammered

THEATRE CREDITS : The Wasp Factory; Babies; Songof a Honorary Soulman; The Fastest Clock in the Universe; Helpless; Fast Labour

COMMERCIALS : Special K (Voiceover)

AGENT : United Agents, 12-26 Lexington Street, London W1F 0LE.


Since leaving CASUALTY, Craig Kelly has continued to work in television and film. Most notably for his role in Queer as Folk.


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