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HC Actor

Dawn McDaniel

Plays Kirstie Collins

FULL NAME : Dawn Kathreen Skye MacDonald



BROUGHT UP : Lancashire

FAMILY : Her mother was an acting and dancing teacher.

PARTNER : Marketing Executive, John Caswell.

ON CHARACTER KIRSTIE : ‘If Kirstie was male, she would be accepted as single-minded and ambitious. Instead, she is seen by some of her colleagues as ruthless and aggressive. But her shoulders are broad enough to cope – atleast at work!’

ON ACTING : ‘This was always what I wanted to do. I have been unemployed though and that can be lonely. If you’re a musician, you can still play, if you’re an artist, you can still paint – but you can’t really sit in your flat and act!’

TELEVISION CREDITS : The Change; out of the Blue; Soldier Solder; The Thin Blue Line; London Bridge; The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders; Holby City; Clitheroe; Murphy’s Law; Life Begins; Hotel Babylon

FILM CREDITS : The Woodlanders; True Blue; Moll Flanders; Innocents; Flashing Lights; Love

THEATRE CREDITS : The Sound of Music; Noises Off; Don Juan Comes Back From the War; 5 O’Clock; A Little Grain of Sand; 5 O’Clock

AGENT : United Agents, 12-26 Lexington Street, London W1F 0LE.

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