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Cas Actor

Dee Sadler

APPEARANCE : S2 E6 ‘Lifelines’


STORYLINE : A group of cavers, Maggie, Guy, Bill and their leader, Jonno, go potholing in underground caves. Maggie suffers an epileptic fit while climbing a rope. She struggles and causes a rock to fall on Jonno. Charlie is called out to help with the rescue.

APPEARANCE : S5 E12 ‘All’s Fair’

CHARACTER : Irene Clarke

STORYLINE : Leigh goes out with his younger brother, Scott, tagging along. Scott wants to join their club and to enter he has to run across a busy road. On the way back, a van hits him. The boys move him to a playground, before Leigh gets his mum, Irene . Scott suffers head injuries, Irene is angry at Leigh, who also feeling guilty, talks to Jimmy, who advises him to tell his mum the truth. As he goes to talk to her, she shouts and he runs off again, nearly running into an ambulance, grazing his arm. Single parent Irene cuddles him, saying she’ll spend more time with them.


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