Denise Black

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APPEARANCE : S5 E4 ‘Street Life’

CHARACTER : Jenny Munro

STORYLINE : Jenny comes in with a bite mark to her thigh. Duffy spots she has hepatitis, and tries to get her to stay, but she discharges herself. She is later brought in dead on arrival after being beaten up.

APPEARANCE : S14 E6 ‘Lost Souls’ – S14 E8 ‘Seeing the Light’

CHARACTER : Maggie Kavanagh


APPEARANCE : S21 E1 & S21 E2 ‘Different Worlds’

CHARACTER : Grace Anning

STORYLINE : A drunk Grace, who was recently discharged from the hospital returns to the hospital when her teenage son is involved in a bus crash. When their social worker is later brought in after falling down steps and being attacked, her son tells Maggie that his mother is the culprit.


APPEARANCE : S6 E44 ‘Hard Lesson to Learn’

CHARACTER : Judy Pritchard


ACTOR FAMED FOR : Denise Osbourne in Coronation Street

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