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HC Character

Eddi McKee

Played by Sarah-Jane Potts


S13 E34 ‘Rescue Me’ – S15 E2 ‘Chasing Demons’

Job Title

Senior Staff Nurse

First Words

Sacha : So, Mr Ross is it? and..

Eddi : No-one

Ian : A friend


Headstrong and straight-talking Eddi Mckee works hard and plays hard. Whilst she tries to stay detached from her patients, she holds a compassionate side behind her cynical sense of humour.

We are first introduced to Eddi in S13 E34 when she arrives in the hospital with a road traffic accident patient, Ian. The pair slept together after a drunken night at a club. Sacha struggles to maintain the ward in all the chaos and when Eddi witnesses all the disorganisation, she persuades Sacha to give her a job for the day. Impressed with her skills, he later offers her a full time position.  Realising she needs to sort her head out and be single, Eddi decides to split from her policeman boyfriend Jimmy.  In S13 E44, Sacha connects with a professional snowboarder, Josh, who is brought in with a head injury, but Eddi is concerned that he is too emotionally involved. In S13 E48, Eddi decides that tough love is the best option to deal with the spoilt brat behaviour of  patient Josh but, realising he’s actually very vulnerable, Eddi changes tactics to get through to him. In S13 E49, Eddi’s emotional involvement in Josh’s recovery means that they both struggle with his transferral from Holby. However, their friendship is threatened by his girlfriend whom Eddi scares away. He ends up staying in Holby and next episode S13 E50, Eddi tries to keep her distance from Josh but he feels hurt that she is ignoring him. When Josh collapses from overdoing his physio, Eddi blames herself. In S13 E51, she continues to struggle to maintain a professional distance as news arrives on whether Josh will walk again. With Josh close to the edge, Eddi has to rethink her approach to nursing.

In S14 E1, Chrissie is determined to prove herself to Eddi who’s responsible for signing off her nurse practitioner management module. In S14 E4, new senior registrar Luc, with some unorthodox methods ruffles Eddi’s feathers and sparks begin to fly. Eddi is forced to put the whole of AAU on lock down when learning a patient has contracted TB. In S14 E12, Eddi is suffering with the effects of the previous night’s News Year’s celebration. She doesn’t get much time to feel sorry for herself though when she finds Rachel, a hung-over and freezing woman who has passed out. Eddi takes her under her wing, but comes to loggerheads with Luc when he disagrees on her course of treatment creating a huge rift between them. In S14 E14, Eddi can’t wait to get away from Luc and AAU, but when a young patient is admitted, she quickly becomes involved with his case.  When she’s transferred to a much quieter Keller ward, Eddi still tries to stay across the case in AAU.  Finding herself in the middle of a powercut at the wrong time and in the wrong place she is forced to work alongside Luc to save the patient’s life.  Eddi realises the exciting medicine on AAU is where her heart is. In S14 E21, Eddi discovers there is more to Luc than meets the eye when his friend turns up on the ward claiming to be in pain. Luc is reluctant to treat him knowing that Eddie is probing Roy to get more info on his private life. When Roy’s life hangs in the balance, Eddi sees a more vulnerable side to Luc. In S14 E22, Eddi’s brother, Liam, turns up at Holby desperate for her help. He reminds Eddi of everything she has tried to leave behind, but this time she doesn’t desert him. In S14 E23, Eddi is trying to keep an eye on Liam but is frustrated at his attitude.  When Liam lets her down she tells him to leave, but then finds help from the last person she’d expect – Luc, who offers to be Liam’s mentor. In S14 E27, working with Luc on AAU, Eddi finally feels that she might be beginning to understand the man. That is, until he does something completely unexpected – kisses her. In S14 E30, Luc is back on the ward and Eddi is bemused by his nonchalant behaviour.  Determined to prove that she is as laid back about their kiss, she flirts with a patient’s brother, only to be accused of unprofessional behaviour. In S14 E35, Luc is finding it difficult to communicate with Eddi and ultimately has to face up to the truth about their fractious relationship. In S14 E37, Eddi and Luc are finally together, but when Hanssen offers Luc a permanent contract, he has to decide whether he can commit both personally and professionally – he decides to pack up his campervan and leave, without so much as a goodbye to a bewildered Eddi. In S14 E40, in the wake of Luc’s departure, Eddi is no mood to pander to anyone and she thinks she has found a kindred spirit in rebellious patient Vincent. But the pair fall out when she fails to see that Vincent is being tricky because he’s scared about surgery. In S14 E41, Eddi is determined to prove to Sacha that she is not in a bad mood about Luc, but she seems to be protesting too much. In S14 E43, Eddi is determined to prove she can cope with the new non-referral policy and clear her ward, only for her attempt to be ultra-efficient to backfire when she discharges a seriously ill patient. She also gets closer new Locum surgeon Max. In S14 E48, when drugs go missing on the ward Max is quick to cover and absolve Eddi, but Sacha is not convinced and has serious concerns about Eddi’s mindset. When a Sickle Cell patient arrives in need of a heavy dose of pain killers, Max has his own interests in mind ahead of Eddi.

Memorable Moments

  • S13 E34 – Eddi persuades Sacha to give her a job when she sees the chaotic ward.
  • S13 E51 – Eddi rethinks her approach to nursing after dealing with patient Josh.
  • S14 E4 – Eddi conflicts with new registrar Luc.
  • S14 E12 – A hungover Eddi creates a huge rift with Luc.
  • S14 E14 – Eddi realises AAU is where her heart is as she works alongside Luc.
  • S14 E37 – Eddi is devestated when Luc leaves without a word.
  • S14 E40 – Eddi finds a kindred spirit in elderly patient, Vincent.


“Hugs. I don’t do hugs”


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