Estelle ‘Essie’ Di Lucca

1985 0

Played by Kaye Wragg

Maiden Name

Estelle Harrison


S16 E30 ‘My Name is Joe’ –

Job Title

Staff Nurse

First Words

Still wouldn’t look at you!


Memorable Moments

  • S16 E30 – Essie and her patient grandfather are treated on the wards
  • S16 E36 – Sacha goes to Essie’s aid when newspaper headlines about her Nazi grandfather hit the front page.
  • S16 E44 – Sacha is worried Essie is having an affair with Mr T.
  • S16 E45 – Essie is forced to confront whether she has truly faced her past.
  • S16 E47 – Essie decides to take a break and visit her family in Germany.
  • S17 E26 – Essie returns to Holby and Sacha questions their future together.
  • S17 E27 – Essie is determined to find out why Sacha stayed out all night.
  • S17 E33 – Essie freaks out when Sacha wants her to meet his kids.
  • S17 E35 – Essie’s outspoken comments on choices made by a high-profile patient jeopardises her future at Holby.
  • S17 E40 – Essie is annoyed when she messes up her job interview for Transplant Co-ordinator.
  • S17 E41 – Essie confesses to Sacha that she wants a baby.
  • S17 E44 – Sacha must decide if him and Essie truly want the same things.
  • S17 E49 – Essie’s old nursing friend, Fran turns up as an agency nurse revealing to Sacha about their wild past.
  • S18 E14 – Essie deals with a complex case involving an adopted son donating his kidney to his birth mother, whilst also needing to take a pregnancy test.

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