Faye Morton

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Played by Patsy Kensit


S9 E17 ‘Into the Dark’ – S13 E11 ‘Snow Queens’

Job Title

Staff Nurse

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Faye, who has been married three times, is extremely good at her job, being both determined and adaptable. She deals well with patients without becoming emotionally involved. Behind her confidence, she is able to hide her flaws and has hidden vulnerability.

She comes to Holby in S9 E17, looking for Jac and Joseph. They know eachother from Dubai and she asks them to help her get a job in the hospital. Joseph persuades Mark to give her a nursing position. He agrees but tries to question why Faye would prefer to omit her time working at her previous hospital in Dubai from her records. In S9 E21, Faye treats a patient who has lost her memory. Also Sam starts to tell Faye about the ‘Jade’ situation and she suggests they go for a drink after work. At the bar, Sam attempts to take things further with Faye but she rebuffs him.

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