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George Rainsford Interview


Actor George Rainsford joined CASUALTY at the beginning of this year as doctor Ethan Hardy, George talks to about his time on the show…

How have you settled into CASUALTY, are you enjoying working on the show?

I am really enjoying it thanks. Funny to think I’ve practically done a year already, but time flies and all that!

What feedback have you received so far regarding your character Ethan?

Friends have remarked how he is not really like me. Quite serious and bookish. Personally, I think we share lots of similarities, particularly the way we look 😉

Ethan has a troubled relationship with his brother Cal, how would you describe their relationship?

I think troubled is right! They are so different in terms of personality (and ethics!) that they are often at loggerheads!

Do you think beyond their rivalry, they do care about each other?

I think they do at heart. They are family so there is a love and a loyalty.

When you first auditioned for CASUALTY, did you have to do any screen tests with Richard Winsor to see how well you worked together?

Yes we did. Twice. After our initial individual auditions, we had a recall together in London followed by a screen test (in full costume) on the “CASUALTY” set in Cardiff.

We got on straight away, and, over some beers on the train home realised we had a lot in common. Perhaps the producers saw there was a good chemistry. Not that they were on the train! Or were they??

In an upcoming episode, Cal steals an idea of Ethan’s to impress Connie. How does Ethan react to this?

It is incredibly hurtful for Ethan, especially within an environment, that means so much to him. Whenever Ethan lets Cal too far into his world, he ends up disappointed so it is yet another blow.

After the recent Lily incident, where he punched his brother, do you think Ethan is growing in confidence at being able to stand up for himself and those wronged by Cal?

Yes I think so. He knows that colleagues such as Lily have some insight into how his brother can operate, despite his easy charm! It gives Ethan a reassurance that he is more often than not in the right and a confidence to stand up for himself.

Its clear Ethan has feeling for Lily and fans would love to see them together, do you think anything could develop between them?

Well only time will tell! I can reveal that there is possibly a possible romance, possibly for Ethan, possibly around the possible corner.

What have been some of your most memorable scenes to work on so far?

Ooh I don’t want to give away things that haven’t aired yet, but there are some really juicy ones coming up in the autumn!

Is there a lot of camaraderie between the cast?

Yes, the cast do get on really well. I think it helps that our dressing rooms are all together on one long corridor, so the likes of Jamie Davies (Max) and his theatrical anecdotes or Tony Marshall (Noel) and his inimitable laugh are mere metres away!

How do you find learning the medical terms on CASUALTY?

I am definitely getting better! I really enjoy the challenge of being convincing at the medical stuff, including the jargon. Knowing what your saying helps and I regularly  pester our wonderful on-set doctors and nurses for any help they can offer!

Do you get recognised much in the street by fans? Is it mainly for Call the Midwife or CASUALTY?

I don’t really. I think the glasses may be an effective disguise, as I don’t wear them in real life. The odd photo request usually comes if I am with another cast member and they put 2 and 2 together. Which is why I hang out with Lee Mead (Lofty). No other reason 😉

How long do you hope to stay on CASUALTY?

Gosh, I don’t know. As long as they’ll have me! I’m having a great time.

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