Hasina Haque

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hasina_haque2Plays Madiha Durrani

PARTNER : Bil (m.2011)

TELEVISION CREDITS : Albert’s Memorial; Casualty; The Making of a Lady; Kidnap and Ransom; Jonathan Creek; Atlantis; Indian Summers

FILM CREDITS : I Give it a Year

THEATRE CREDITS : The Seagull; The Rove; The Madras House; Watershipdown; Still Life; Othello; Hands Across the Sea; A Respectable Wedding; Twelfth Night; Paradise Lost; England People Very Nice; All’s Well That Ends Well; Disconnected

AGENT : Hatton McEwan, Unit 3 Chocolate Studios, 7 Shepherdess Place, London N1 7LJ.

Twitter : @Hasina Haque

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