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Since (previously known as “The Casualty Files”) launched in July 2001 the site has quickly grown from just a few pages, to one of the UK’s most popular CASUALTY and HOLBY CITY fansites. However, although there are now hundreds of pages and countless photos the basic site is still community driven and dedicated to the UK’s favourite medical dramas!

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Where is the CASUALTY set?

A. Previous  inside shots of CASUALTY were filmed on an industrial estate warehouse in Bristol. From September 2011, CASUALTY now films in Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff.

Q. Can I get to go around the CASUALTY set?

A. The CASUALTY warehouse is a closed set with security guards. Fans are not allowed to go inside. The cast run a busy filming schedule, so it is difficult to see them.

Q. Where is the HOLBY CITY set?

A. HOLBY CITY is filmed at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood.

Q. Can I get to go around the HOLBY CITY set?

A. Security guards hold a tight entry to the front of Elstree Studios, which also holds Eastenders, so without official passes it is impossible to step inside the grounds.

Q. I’ve seen your photos, how do I get to meet the cast?

A. We have been lucky enough to meet some of the stars through running the website, but are unfortunately unable to help other fans meet them in this way. We have a met cast members in a variety of other ways including when they are appearing in theatre shows, award ceremonies.. etc.

Q. Can you pass on this message to cast / member?

A. As an unofficial site, we have no direct contact with cast members, so are unable to pass on any messages ourselves.

Q. Where can I write to the cast?

A. You can write to any cast member via their agent (address is on the bottom of their actor profile)

Q. Where do I get signed photos?

A. Again, you can write to individual stars through their agent, requesting a signed photo. (NB. Include an SAE for more chance in a reply). Otherwise you can try writing to BBC CASUALTY, BBC Wales, Casualty Production Office, Fan Requests Dept, Roath Lock Studios, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4GA for current CASUALTY cast signed photos. or write to Fan Mail, Holby City, 5th Floor Production Office, Neptune House, BBC Elstree, Clarendon Road, Borehamwood, WD6 1JF for current HOLBY CITY cast signed photos.

Q. Can you put up more info/ photos on a particular cast member?

A. All the info/ photos we have on a particular actor is already on their actor profile page. Any new info/ photos we receive goes straight onto the site.

Q. Who runs this site?

A. and the Community Forums are an unofficial website run by Cheryl Griffin. Admin Assistants, Moderators and Senior Moderators assist with the day to day running of the Messageboard.

Q. Can I become a moderator on the Messageboard?

A. Please do not request to become a moderator, the Admin team will decide who are moderators.


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