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Cas Actor

Jesse Birdsall


APPEARANCE : S7 E4 ‘Will You Still Love Me?’


STORYLINE : A young boy, Danny, silenced by his mother, Julie’s affair, is brought into A&E with a sore throat. He collapses outside with his father, Trevor, and dies in CRASH. Julian mistakenly breaks the news to Julie and her lover, Mike.


APPEARANCE : S8 E30 ‘Lead Us Not Into Temptation’

CHARACTER : Dillon Ellis

STORYLINE : Sam and Chrissie are looking after Dillon Ellis, a former alcoholic who is on the transplant list for a new heart. But when Dillon’s results come in and reveal that he has not stopped drinking, Sam bends the rules to get him the transplant (Helen’s heart) by forging his blood results. When Hellen’s husband, Don, changes his mind to the transplant, Sam deliberately neglects to stop the operation taking place.

ACTOR FAMED FOR : Marcus Tandy in Eldorado; Nicholas Beckett in Bugs; Roger Webb in Footballers Wives


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