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Laura Donnelly Interview

Whilst onscreen, Fleur’s wayward character is suddenly coming to light, talk to young actress Laura Donnelly about her time on the show…


Whilst onscreen, Fleur’s wayward character is suddenly coming to light, talk to young actress Laura Donnelly about her time on the show…

Did you enjoy your stint working on CASUALTY?

I really enjoyed working on CASUALTY. It was pretty surreal at first because, like most people, I’d grown up watching it. But it was really good fun – especially as I had a great storyline.

What was your first day on Set like? Were you nervous about joining the show?

I was a bit nervous, mainly because anyone gets nervous starting a new job! I was soon made to feel very comfortable on Set though – everyone was very welcoming.

Who were your closest friends on Set?

I got to know Luke (Sam) pretty well because we had so many scenes together and when we weren’t needed on Set, we’d hang out in the green room. I got on well with everyone though.

Are you anything like your character Fleur?

I’m nothing like Fleur, to be honest! She’s a lot to handle and is pretty wild. I have a carefree attitude that could be seen as similar, but I don’t tend to be damaging with it. That’s what made her so fun to play though.

Did you used to watch CASUALTY before you joined the show? If so, who were your favourite characters?

When I was growing up, I always remembered CASUALTY being on the TV on a Saturday evening. I liked Duffy and, ofcourse, everyone loves Charlie!

Where were you born/ brought up? Did you enjoy working in Bristol for CASUALTY?

I was born and brought up in Belfast. I enjoyed working in Bristol, it’s very pretty and my sister Susan used to live there, so I was a little familiar with it.

You also appeared in popular teen drama Sugar Rush – did you enjoy filming this?

I really enjoyed filming on Sugar Rush. It was my first TV job so I was very nervous but once I got over that it was great fun. Plus I got to spend time in Brighton where I’d never been before.

Who or what inspired you to become an actress?

I really don’t know what inspired me to be an actress. I was involved in dance and drama from a very young age and have loved it for as long as I can remember. I think it’s just an excuse to never grow up – getting to play dress-up as an adult!

What would be your dream acting role?

My absolute dream would be to act in a Tim Burton film. I love everything he does – I wouldn’t care what role I played so long as I got to be in it! I’d love to do something that involved having to get really fit and do some martial arts training etc.

Outside of work hours, what do you like doing in your spare time?

My spare time usually involves seeing my friends as much as I can. I love having people round to my house for dinner and wine and DVD’s. I also try to go to the theatre and cinema a lot. I recently took up yoga, which I’m loving. It’s a great way to relax if I’ve been busy!


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